February 10th, 2017

Career Notes

Welcome to Career Notes the Career Services newsletter for VLS students in the masters programs.

Please let us know if you plan on applying to any of the jobs below so that we can help you with your applications and/or find similar jobs to include in future newsletters.

Reminder: We post many of these and other jobs like them on Symplicity, our jobs database. All VLS students and Alums have access. Symplicity jobs are generally focused on internships and jobs requiring 0-5 years experience. You may access Symplicity via the Careers Portal on the VLS homepage. The database requires a login, which you should have received during your first semester, if you don’t have it or have misplaced it please let us know and we can email you another (please tell us if your email has changed).

 Career Tip(s) of the Week

4 Common Interview Missteps and Their Fixes


You just left a first-round job interview and you can’t shake the feeling that you didn’t rock their proverbial world. We’ve all been there, and lucky for you, I’m here for a quick post-mortem.

Of course, it’s possible that you nailed it and you’re overthinking it. But just in case, I’ve taken the liberty of throwing together this handy list of interview missteps. See a familiar interview faux pas in the list below?

Interview Misstep #1: “I don’t have any questions.”

Yikes. When an interviewer asks if you have questions, they’re setting you up for the ultimate slam dunk (if you did your homework, that is). While you may not have any burning questions, use this prompt as a chance to show an interviewer you know what the organization is about and what you can bring to the team.

Drop a little knowledge on the interviewer in the form of a question. For example, “I know your organization rebranded in 2014. Has this positively impacted your visibility?”

Or perhaps you want to take this opportunity to show a little interest in the interviewers, especially since one of them may be your future supervisor. Try something like, “What brought you here?” or “What’s your favorite thing about working here?” or be bold and ask “What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced as a team?”

Drop a little knowledge on the interviewer in the form of a question.

Whatever you choose, remember that “I have no questions,” generally comes off as “I have no interest.” Prepping some killer questions is an easy way to impress, so go ahead and grab that low-hanging fruit!

Interview Misstep #2: “What’s the salary?”

Would you ask a first date how many babies they’re interested in churning out? I hope not! Asking anything related to salary, benefits, office hours, etc. comes off as inexperienced, overeager, and a little cocky. While these are critical questions, there are very few instances in which they’re round-one appropriate. Get to round two before you start on the compensation line of questioning.

PRO TIP: While you shouldn’t be asking any salary questions in your first interview, always be prepared to answer them. There’s a chance that your interview will dive right in, so have a response rehearsed and ready to go.

Interview Misstep #3: You’re asked to share your biggest weakness and you respond, “I’m a perfectionist.”

Don’t. Just don’t. If you truly are a perfectionist, good for you! But, we have it on good authority that “I’m a perfectionist” holds a coveted position at the top of many a hiring manager list of most-hated responses.

So, what to say instead? Let things get a little real. If you’re more comfortable with the details than you are with strategy, share that you’re detail oriented and working to find a balance between focusing on bigger picture items and the details.

We have it on good authority that “I’m a perfectionist” holds a coveted position at the top of many a hiring manager list of most-hated responses.

Have you perhaps recognized your meetings don’t always result in an action item or a next step? Hint at the weakness, but also share your action plan to address the issue—something that you’ve already implemented and was a proven fix to said weakness would be best.

Interview Misstep #4: I’m sorry I’m late.

An interview should be treated like the launching point for your career that it very well may be, so do yourself a favor and don’t be late, no matter what.

The night before your interview, know exactly how you plan to get there. On the big day, check the traffic and transit details and arrive early. I’d recommend walking into the office no more than ten minutes early, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be in the neighborhood beforehand. Find a coffee shop nearby, grab a tea, and go through your notes and resume one last time.

If you’ve been wondering why you didn’t get a call for round two, keep these interview mistakes in your back pocket as a lesson-learned for the next time you’re in the hot seat.

3 Ways to Land the Job Even If You Lack Some Qualifications


In my last post, I discussed how to determine whether it’s a lack of qualifications or confidence that’s holding you back from applying for a position that sparked your interest. If you determine that it’s a confidence issue or perhaps, that some of the qualifications you lack may be flexible, use these tips to land the job.

Land the Job Tip #1: Get a cheat sheet from an expert

When I applied for my first communications role, I knew I could do the job even though my ability wasn’t quite reflected on my resume. I didn’t have all the background I needed, so I went straight to somebody who did.

With 20 years of experience in nonprofit communications, I knew my dad could brief me on the fundamentals. Armed with that information, I presented myself as confident and knowledgeable during my interview and got the job!

Doing your research goes a long way in letting interviewers know that you can learn what you don’t know.

Land the Job Tip #2: Be honest with your interviewer or recruiter

Approach the job with passion, but let the interviewer know what you’re missing. Interviewers will be able to hone in on what you lack, so go ahead and get on the offensive. If you over-promise, you risk setting unrealistic expectations for your future employer, which will leave everyone unhappy. Instead, let your interviewer know that you have a plan for getting up to speed.

“Let your interviewer know that you have a plan for getting up to speed.”

I recently worked with a client who applied for a management position without the degree listed in posting. We decided to confront the issue by creating a plan to learn the skills she lacked. We made a list of actions she would take each month to get up to speed. The interviewers were so impressed with the plan that they offered her the position.

Land the Job Tip #3: Rewrite the story of your strengths

When I transitioned from teaching to the nonprofit world, I was terrified that hiring managers would see my lack of experience and think I was clueless. Instead, I found that many of my teaching skills were an asset. I was interested in positions that required a lot of the same skills I used in my classroom. With this in mind, I created a portfolio of my work and sent it to my interviewers. In the meeting, I used it to demonstrate how the skills I already possessed applied to the job I wanted.

“It may take practice to effectively showcase your transferrable skills in a way that’s authentic, but it’s a skill that can be learned and it’s worth it!”

It may take practice to effectively showcase your transferrable skills in a way that’s authentic, but it’s a skill that can be learned and it’s worth it!

The truth is, in going after something you want, you’ll never truly know your limits until you test yourself.


Job / Externship Postings of the Week

Higher Level Energy & Energy Policy Jobs

(Many of you might not have the requisite experience (yet)… but it is worth a look)


 Board Member

Greetings. I am looking for recent graduates of those who are going to graduate soon from the Master’s or online program that are interested in Food System issues to serve on a nonprofit board.  My group is called the Alliance for Responsible Food and Environmental Policy and the ARFEP Education Fund.  We are just starting out and are not incorporated yet.  We are a citizen group in Arlington and I am looking specifically for individuals in Northern Virginia or moving to the DC area or Northern Virginia who would like to serve on the Board.  Our website is www.arfep.org and I have a business plan for any interested individuals who would like to see it.  I also have a preliminary budget, if that makes sense, with what full-time staff would potentially make when out nonprofit turns into a full-fledged operating group. Please go to the website and look it over.  I can send you a copy of any document for your students or recent alumni. Thank you for your consideration.

Emily Pfister

Alliance for Responsible Food and Environmental Policy


ANR Regulatory Policy Analyst II



Deadline: 02/13/2017

Natural Resources Agency

General Information

This position, (ANR Regulatory Policy Analyst II, Job Opening # 620825), is open to all State employees and external applicants.

If you would like more information about this position, please contact Billy Coster at billy.coster@vermont.gov

Please note that multiple positions in the same work location may be filled from this job posting.

Resumes will not be accepted via e-mail. You must apply online to be considered.

General Job Description

Analytical, research, policy development, regulatory and coordinating work at a senior level for the Agency of Natural Resources (ANR). Duties involve agency-wide, inter-agency and public coordination to address regulatory and policy issues related to ANR’s mission and responsibilities. Work is performed as a member of the ANR Office of Planning and Policy under the direct supervision of the ANR Planning Director.

To read the full job specification for this position, please visit DHR Job Specifications

Minimum Qualifications


Master’s Degree in Land Use Planning, Environmental Studies, Environmental Science and two (2) years of professional level in land use, natural resources or energy planning or environmental law.


Bachelor’s Degree in Land Use Planning, Environmental Studies, Environmental Science and four (4) years at a professional level in land use, natural resources or energy planning or environmental law.


Eight years of work experience in a professional level in land use, natural resources or energy planning or environmental law




Outreach Coordinator (Limited Service)



Deadline: 02/13/2017

Department:   Forests, Parks & Recreation

General Information

This Limited Service position, (Outreach Coordinator, Job Opening # 620788), is open to all State employees and external applicants.

If you would like more information about this position, please contact Danielle Fitzko at danielle.fitzko@vermont.gov

This is a limited service position through 12/31/18, which may be extended.

Please note that this position will be working an average of 28 hours per week as this is a Part-Time, 70% position.

Please note that multiple positions in the same work location may be filled from this job posting.

Resumes will not be accepted via e-mail. You must apply online to be considered.

Outreach, report writing, communications planning and coordinating and other creative written, oral, and graphic work for the Agency of Natural Resources. Duties include writing and editing, graphic design, website development and content management, developing outreach strategies to promote forest health among landowners, legislators, and the public. Supervision may be exercised over temporary or contractual employees and volunteers on a project basis. Work is performed under the general direction of an administrative supervisor.

To read the full job specification for this position, please visit DHR Job Specifications

Minimum Qualifications


Master’s degree or higher in a natural resource field.


Bachelor’s degree in forestry or a natural resource field AND two (2) years or more of experience at a professional level in a natural resources field.




Environmental Analyst III



Deadline: 02/13/2017

Department:   Environmental Conservation

This position, (Environmental Analyst III, Job Opening # 620820), is open to all State employees and external applicants.

If you would like more information about this position, please contact Jessica Bulova at jessica.bulova@vermont.gov

Please note that multiple positions in the same work location may be filled from this job posting.

Resumes will not be accepted via e-mail. You must apply online to be considered.


The Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation is seeking an applicant for a full-time entry level position in the Wastewater Management Section in the Watershed Management Division. This Section administers Vermont’s federally delegated NPDES direct discharge and industrial pretreatment authorities. This position will oversee approximately 35 – 40 municipal and industrial facilities that treat and discharge wastewater, and will be responsible for permitting, inspection and compliance oversight. The successful candidate will also play an important role in the Section’s implementation of the TMDLs for Lake Champlain, Lake Memphremagog, and the Connecticut River; which play an integral role in Vermont’s efforts to protect, maintain, enhance, and restore the quality of its rivers and lakes. This is a dynamic position in a busy program.   Candidates, in balance with the more routine daily tasks, must be able to multitask and shift gears quickly to address time critical incidents that may pose a threat to Vermont’s waters or citizens.

General Job Description

Planning, analytical, and administrative work at a journey professional level for the Department of Environmental Conservation. Duties involve the technical review and analysis of environmental policies, programs, activities, and data in a variety of department regulatory, non-regulatory, scientific, and engineering programs. Work at this level differs from lower level analysts in the complexity of projects; degree of independence, responsibility, and accountability; level of expertise and breadth of knowledge required. May act as a lead worker, overseeing the work of temporary, contractual, or classified employees at a lower level. Work is performed under the direction of a higher-level technical or administrative superior.

To read the full job specification for this position, please visit DHR Job Specifications

Preferred Qualifications

  • Educational or professional experience in wastewater treatment facility and collection system operations.
  • Experience with permit writing in a regulatory framework.
  • Excellent communication skills, especially with diverse audiences such as facility operators, municipalities, interagency staff and EPA.

Minimum Qualifications


Bachelor’s degree in a biological-life or physical science, engineering, or an environmental or natural resources field AND three (3) years or more at a professional level in an environmental or natural resources field.


Master’s degree in a biological-life or physical science, engineering, or an environmental or natural resources field AND one (1) years or more at a professional level in an environmental or natural resources field.


Two (2) years or more or experience as an Environmental Analyst II.



Submission of Application

Should you submit an application for this job opening, you certify that all information entered is correct and complete to the best of your knowledge. By submitting an application, you acknowledge and understand that the State of Vermont may verify information, and that untruthful or misleading answers are cause for rejection of this application, and/or dismissal if employed with the State of Vermont.

Equal Employment Opportunity

The State of Vermont is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Applications from women, individuals with disabilities, veterans, and people from diverse cultural backgrounds are encouraged.


AmeriCorps Legal Advocates of Massachusetts’s

(More legally focused, but said they were looking for Masters Students)

Resume collection. Date of receipt for resumes: Go to http://www.ala-mass.org/applynow.htm to find out how to apply for the 2017-2018 program year. Applications must be submitted online and must include a cover letter, resume, and transcript. Applications will be accepted starting in February, 2017 until the positions are filled.

Employer Name: AmeriCorps Legal Advocates of Massachusetts Contact Person and Title: Amy Copperman Street Address: 231 Main street

City: Brockton

State: MA


Zip: 02301

Phone Number: 5086380150

E-mail Address: acopperman@justicema.org

Website: http://www.ala-mass.org/

Job Type: semester

Position Title: AmeriCorps Legal Advocate

Describe the Position: Our AmeriCorps advocates serve at partner organizations throughout Massachusetts which provide legal assistance to low-income individuals and families. Our advocates are closely supervised by legal professionals throughout the year, and receive in-depth training on working with low-income clients, legal ethics, writing, as well as substantive legal issues in all of our practice areas. ALA-Massachusetts advocates are exposed to a wide range of legal activities.

Requirements for The Position ALA-Massachusetts is looking for potential advocates who have an interest in poverty law, a commitment to public service, and strong communications skills. Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Haitian-Creole, Vietnamese, and other foreign language speakers preferred. Candidates must pass a three-part criminal background check, be 18 years of age or older a U.S. Citizen or permanent resident, have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree.

Briefly describe the Firm or Organization: ALA-Massachusetts has been funded by the Corporation for National and Community Service since 2005. Since we first began, almost 250 AmeriCorps advocates have served 35,000 low-income clients in need of legal assistance. Last year, our AmeriCorps advocates provided legal assistance to more than 4,000 low-income families and individuals. We have a strong network of members and alumni who maintain connections throughout the service year and beyond.

Salary: 21,500 over 46 weeks

Deadline Date: 8/31/2017

(If students are applying directly how would the employer prefer to be contacted/receive applications.)

Materials you wish to receive


Cover Letter


List of References

Other: Applications must be submitted online and must include a cover letter, resume, and transcript. Applications will be accepted starting in February, 2017 until the positions are filled.

Diane Henkels, Attorney at Law (Portland & Newport, OR)

Job Title: Entry-Level Position

Desired Class Level: 3L, Graduate/Alumni, MELP

How to Apply: Submit resume and cover letter (thirty days from the date of posting) to Career Services by Thursday, April 4, 2013

to Diane Henkels, Henkels Law LLC electronically only to: dhenkels@actionnet.net

Description: Skype Interview: TBD

The person working this position would assist the producer of the Pacific Northwest Energy Digest, an on-line monthly providing a calendar of government related energy events in the Pacific Northwest since 2010. As an unpaid intern/clerk this person engaged would check links, assist w/some editing once a month, possibly engage in webwork and other related tasks. This position might become more significant, however, would require in the beginning possibly 8-16 hours a month or less. Excellent experience for those interested in working in the Pacific Northwest energy/climate change/utility arena. Pacific Northwest Energy Digest can be found at:

http://www.cleantechlaw.org/p/energy-digest.html A recent VLS grad or admitted attorney in the Pacific Northwest (OR, WA, ID, MT, or AK) with good background in climate change, energy law, and/or sustainability (and environmental law), passionate about these topics, and desiring to remain based in the Pacific Northwest. A 3L from Pacific Northwest is also possible, if desiring to return to the area. Diane Henkels is a 1997/98 joint degree w/a law practice that includes energy related issues. She associates with Cleantech Law Partners PC. See www.henkelslaw.com; and cleantechlawpartners.com for more information. This position was previously filled by a VLS grad to went on to work in energy with a utility and state government.


New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Com’s Available Position

To apply, send cover letter, resume, and brief writing sample by March 3, 2017 via email to jobs@neiwpcc.org. In the email subject line, please reference position #17-LCBP-001.

Employer Name: New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Com Contact Person and Title: Barbara K Copley, Information Officer, HR Street Address: 650 Suffolk Street, Suite 410

City: Lowell MA

E-mail Address: jobs@neiwpcc.org


Position Title: Environmental Analyst (Technical Associate) Lake Champlain Basin Program

Recent Graduate

Describe the Position:Incumbent will assist in facilitating research and implementation projects that address challenges facing water resources in the Lake Champlain Basin. Will develop and execute tasks that support projects addressing nutrient reduction, flood resilience, aquatic invasive species, and stormwater management issues. The Technical Associate will manage grants, assist with the development of request for proposals for technical projects. Please refer to www.neiwpcc for complete job description.

Requirements for The Position Organized individuals with knowledge of or experience with Lake Champlain Basin resource issues a must. Computer skills including geographic information systems and spreadsheet and data analysis software required. Non-lawyers and lawyers with knowledge of Lake Champlain Basin resource issues a must.

Briefly describe the Firm or Organization: The New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission, a not-for-profit interstate agency established by an Act of Congress, serves and assists its member states individually and collectively by providing coordination, public education, research, training, and leadership in water management and protection in the New England region and New York State.

Deadline Date: 03/03/2017

Contact Method:

(If students are applying directly how would the employer prefer to be contacted/receive applications.)


Materials you wish to receive


Cover Letter

Writing Sample


El Monte, CA, US

Job posted by Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County on February 10, 2017

Join the Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County (NLSLA) and become part of an energetic team of advocates. NLSLA is seeking an Office Manager for its El Monte office. The Office Manager will oversee the daily office operations and will report directly to the Human Resources Director. He/she serves as the primary point of contact for staff and external partners on all matters pertaining to the operations and administrative support for the El Monte Program office. The Office Manager assigns and facilitates paralegal, administrative, and secretarial support for NLSLA advocates. He/she must be creative and enjoy working within a law firm that is mission-driven, results-oriented and community focused. The ideal individual will have the ability to exercise good judgment in a variety of situations, with strong written and verbal communication, administrative, and organizational skills, and the ability to maintain a realistic balance among multiple priorities. The Office Manager will have the ability to work independently on projects, from conception to completion, and must be able to work under pressure, and handle a wide variety of activities and confidential matters with discretion.

Position: Office Manager, El Monte

Compensation: Salary is commensurate with experience. Excellent Benefits which include: choice of medical, dental, vision; life and disability insurance plans; 125 plan; 403(b) with employer contribution, bilingual pay supplement, sick and vacation pay, and 13 employer-paid holidays.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Maintains office services by organizing, planning, and implementing office operations, policies, and procedures; controlling correspondence; assigning and monitoring clerical and administration functions.

Mentoring, coaching and counseling staff; orienting and training, planning, monitoring, and evaluating job results.

Provide service to clients and staff by answering questions, providing information, making referrals, and assuring appropriate follow-through and/or resolution.

Essential staff leader point of contact during emergency situations.

Establish, organize, and assure maintenance of paper and electronic case management and filing system.

Resolve issues with all office technology such as: computers, printers, fax machines, telephone system, copiers, etc.; contact vendors for repairs when necessary.

Compose, prepare, and process legal, general and confidential correspondence, including e-mail and faxes

Coordinate meetings, programs, or events by securing location and making other appropriate arrangements, preparing and issuing information and agendas, coordinating speakers, or other necessary follow through information

Perform related duties as needed

Minimum 2-5 years Office management experience

Ability to identify problems and develop solutions

Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Bachelor’s degree preferred

Highly Proficient in technology including, but not limited to, Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, and Power Point), Adobe Acrobat, and Social Media web platforms.

Strong organizational skills that reflect ability to perform and prioritize multiple tasks seamlessly with excellent attention to detail

Proven ability to handle confidential information with discretion, be adaptable to various competing demands, and demonstrate the highest level of customer/client service and response.

Clear aptitude to work autonomously taking charge in the role.

Demonstrated ability to achieve high performance goals and meet deadlines in a fast paced environment

About NLSLA: NLSLA is one of Los Angeles County’s leading public interest law offices and has been the primary legal aid program serving the cities of Burbank and Glendale and the San Fernando and Antelope Valleys for more than 50 years and the city of Pasadena and San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys since 2001. The NLSLA staff of 100+, including 40 lawyers, provides legal assistance to low-income individuals, families and groups in the areas of family law and domestic violence, housing, health care, education, public benefits, economic and job development, immigrant rights, consumer rights and environmental justice. The NLSLA headquarters is located in Glendale, CA with branch offices in Pacoima, and El Monte.

Through a combination of individual representation, high impact litigation, self-help services and public policy advocacy, NLSLA combats the immediate and long-lasting effects of poverty and expands access to health, opportunity and justice in Los Angeles’ diverse neighborhoods. Founded in response to the nation’s War on Poverty, each year NLSLA provides free assistance to more than 80,000 individuals and families through innovative projects that address the most critical needs of impoverished communities.


Executive Director

Rockland, ME, US

Job posted by Hurricane Island Foundation Center for Science and Leadership on February 9, 2017

The Hurricane Island Center for Science and Leadership is pleased to announce an opening for Executive Director. The Executive Director is the chief executive officer of the Center, responsible for: maintaining a balanced budget, fiscal sustainability through fundraising, overseeing all operations and programs, and hiring, developing, directing, and evaluating all staff. The Executive Director works from the Center’s office on the mainland in Rockland, Maine and is expected to show an active presence on the island when programs are in session from May through early October. The Executive Director reports to the Board of Directors.


Our mission is to integrate science education, applied research, and leadership development through year-round educational programs and a seasonal, environmentally-sustainable island community.

The Hurricane Island Center for Science and Leadership is a dynamic and visionary program. At its core, the Center believes that we can support individuals young and old in becoming leaders, scientists, and environmental stewards of the future through an innovative integration of place-based, experiential, science education; original, locally-relevant research; and leadership training. The heart of the Center is on Hurricane Island, where our energy systems model sustainability and contribute to the preservation of our oceans and our earth.

Students and educators work with highly qualified science teachers and research scientists and contribute to ongoing original field research. They learn how to be part of a self-contained cooperative community on the island. Many of the so called 21st Century Skills identified as being essential to effective leadership in this century: collaboration, communication, adaptability, problem-solving, oral and written expression, and critical thinking are all embedded in the curriculum and fostered in the teaching and learning. They dive deeply into hands-on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) projects, gaining skills that are critical for employment in today’s world.

Incorporating outdoor learning and leadership activities with rigorous science studies, program participants immerse themselves in the ecosystems of the Gulf of Maine and work alongside scientists exploring the viability of those systems. They reconnect with the natural world and their impact on it. Students, teachers, and school leaders experience the practice of science

and the design and engineering of sustainable systems and see firsthand its vital role in sustaining the world around them.


Hurricane Island is centrally located along the Maine coast in Penobscot Bay. It is part of the municipality of Vinalhaven, an offshore island community. The abundant marine life in Penobscot Bay has supported generations of families on the islands and peninsulas, and fisheries are deeply embedded in the region’s culture. For many communities, including Vinalhaven, their current economy is dependent on lobster fishing and tourism, with wild caught fisheries and aquaculture contributing at a lower level. Hurricane Island’s granite cliffs, forests, and rocky shoreline provide inspiring environments for learning and exploration, and terrestrial and marine life are central to HICSL’s research and education programs.

Hurricane has an interesting history. From the latter quarter of the 19th century to the first quarter of the 20th century the island was home to a community of over sixteen hundred people, which maintained a highly productive quarrying business. During this period, many prominent buildings in Boston, New York and beyond were built with Hurricane Island granite. In late 1914, the island’s once thriving granite production abruptly ceased, and all workers and their families abandoned the island.

Fifty years later, in 1964, the island was reborn as the headquarters of the Hurricane Island Outward Bound School, the third Outward Bound school in the United States. For the next forty years, Hurricane Island again hosted a thriving community, albeit now with a different mission and purpose. In 2006 the Outward Bound School left Hurricane Island and moved to a mainland base.

In 2010, Peter Willauer, the original founder and leader of the Outward Bound School, negotiated a new forty-year lease with the family, which owns the island, and a new program – The Hurricane Island Center for Science and Leadership – was born. Now in its fifth year, the Center is thriving and has grown significantly each year under the strong leadership of Barney Hallowell, the retiring Executive Director. The staff of the Center consists of five directors who oversee operations, science, education, programs/marketing, and development. Three additional year-round staff support the Center, and an additional 15-20 seasonal staff support the operations on Hurricane between May and October.

Candidate Qualifications

This position offers an exciting and challenging opportunity to take the Center to “the next level.” The ideal candidate will embrace the vision and mission of the Hurricane Island Center for Science and Leadership, will enjoy working with young people and be committed to the practice of scientific inquiry as a way of learning and to the principles of sustainability. Ideally the candidate will fervently believe in the regenerative power of educated young people and be hopeful for the future of our world.

The position calls for a person with vision, strong and proven administrative experience, demonstrated leadership qualities, solid organizational skills, a clear sense of purpose, an ability to be flexible and adaptable, and blessed with a sense of humor. Experience overseeing an organization of similar size is highly desirable, as is a proven ability to inspire substantial philanthropic gifts and contributions, and a track record in creating substantial earned income or sales.

Having a background in education and/or research science and an appreciation of the beauty and power of our oceans and marine life, boat-handling skills, and some understanding of the coast of Maine and island life are a plus, but not essential.

The competitive candidate will have a bachelor’s degree, or equivalent combination of education and formative life experience.


Corporate Relations and Events Manager

Boston, MA, US

Job posted by Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center on February 9, 2017

The Corporate Relations & Events Manager plans and facilitates donor-related and fundraising events that occur throughout the course of the year, including the gala and 4k Trail Run, Fishing Invitational, cultivation and stewardship events for major donors and for the ISLE Society, our young professionals group. She/he also responsible for managing a portfolio of corporate donors and fulfillment of all corporate sponsorship benefits.


Oversee the implementation of all Development related events (about 15-18 per year), including the annual Evening Expedition Gala & 4k Trail Run, the Islanders Reception, ISLE Society events, and other donor cultivation and stewardship events throughout the year

Maintain events calendar, with timelines to make certain that adequate planning and preparation time is included for each event

Maintain a portfolio of corporate partners that give $2,500 or less annually, safeguarding relationships, ensuring highest level of customer service and delivery of benefits and working to maximize and increase levels of support

Support corporate sponsorship and in-kind solicitations when needed

Ensure all corporate partner data is up to date and used to best advantage

Manage sponsorship benefit fulfillment and recognition for all corporate partners

Identify and work with relevant vendors, including caterers, graphic designers, venues, and consultants, and in-kind donors to events

Manage the expense budgets related to the events ensuring the come in on budget

Identify and secure in-kind support for event expenses

Full management of the Evening Expedition Silent Auction, including setting and meeting annual goals, procurement, tracking, promotion, and training volunteers on mobile bidding

Manage creation and production of all collateral materials related to events – invitations, programs, etc., ensuring that all materials are produced on-time and on-budget


Bachelor’s Degree preferred or comparable work experience

Minimum three years of verifiable work history, specifically with events management

High degree of proficiency in Microsoft Office suite of programs

Working knowledge of CRM databases, Raisers Edge preferred

Ability to speak and write persuasively and professionally

Superb attention to detail, and commitment to highest quality outcomes

Demonstrated ability to work independently and collaboratively

Creativity, outgoing personality, and ability to work well with many types of individuals


Project Clean Stream Coordinator

Baltimore, MD, US

Job posted by Blue Water Baltimore on February 9, 2017

Part-time, seasonal Project Clean Stream Coordinator will oversee community clean-up projects and events for the Spring 2017 volunteer season. Coordinator will organize and lead community trash clean-ups for Project Clean Stream and train volunteer site captains on how to lead clean-up groups in their neighborhoods. Additional responsibilities include managing supplies and communicating with partner organizations and community groups.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

The essential functions include, but are not limited to the following:

Support forestry and stormwater site maintenance and trash removal from street tree sites with community, corporate and university/student groups.

Collaborate with outreach staff on communications and partnerships with community members and partner organizations for stewardship and forestry initiatives.

Collaboratively identify and monitor key sites for stewardship activities (pulling weeds, collecting trash, etc.).

Support and organize all corporate cleanups in collaboration with the volunteer manager and development director.

Support general administrative needs for volunteer program as needed.

Minimum Qualifications (Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities):

Minimum 1 year of outreach and/or community organizing experience

Knowledge of Baltimore City neighborhoods and parks

Experience teaching or leading volunteer groups

Experience leading volunteer groups and community organizing is preferred.

Experience in the environmental field is a plus

Valid driver’s license

Must be able to lift 50 lbs

Comfortable working outdoors

Data entry experience preferred, but not required

Work Schedule:

March 2017: 1-2 days a week, approx. 5 hrs. a day

April 2017: 2-3 days a week, approx 5 hrs. a day.

Blue Water Baltimore is an Equal Opportunity Employer, drug free workplace, and complies with ADA regulations as applicable.


Southwest Ohio Regional Coordinator

Cincinnati, OH, US

Job posted by Ohio Environmental Council Action Fund on February 9, 2017

The Ohio Environmental Council Action Fund seeks a Regional Coordinator. The Coordinator will build power, presence, and relationships on behalf of our organization, and to organize citizens to get involved and make the protection of Ohio’s land, air and water a political priority. The ideal candidate will be a rising community leader who can serve as the OEC Action Fund ambassador to new networks as well as build long-lasting relationships with our members in the targeted region. This position is an opportunity to become the local resource on politics and the environment and to build strong relationships with elected officials, partner organizations, grasstops leaders, and grassroots advocates.

Job Responsibilities:

The Regional Coordinator reports to the Action Fund Director and is responsible for the following:

Building a strong, sustainable, growing team of grasstop leaders advocating on energy, land, air, and water issues;

Developing relationships with key, local opinion leaders, including elected officials and business leaders who can play important, strategic roles in OEC Action Fund’s work;

Creating and organizing strategy that has a steady drumbeat of advocacy opportunities that advances the OEC Action Fund’s campaigns;

Organizing and attending community events and meetings on the local political circuit that builds the OEC Action Fund’s presence in their region of Ohio.

Performance Expectations

As a member of the Campaigns and Communications Center and the Field Team, this position helps grow the organization through general public engagement and outreach. The individual is expected to be an executor focused on setting and achieving complex goals across a wide spectrum of campaigns and issues.

The Regional Coordinator must:

Work independently and part of a team to achieve a broad set of goals related to campaigns, issues, organizational development and growth, and policy solutions within their respective regions. They must be able to communicate effectively both internally and externally through written and oral communications.

Understand and work with the political landscape to build relationships and advance our agenda across a diverse set of individuals and organizations. Report on work and progress to goal on numerous programs.

Adhere to the highest ethical standards. Convey a professional and positive image and attitude regarding the organization and our partners in the advocacy and environmental sector. Demonstrate commitment to continued professional growth and development.


A track record of inspiring action and building a team and ability to break down complex issues into calls to action;

A can-do attitude and ability to engage effectively with a diverse range of stakeholders. Be compelling in developing and maintaining valuable partnerships with business, government, and other organizations. Be creative about building bridges between and among competing interests;

A commitment to their region and raising the profile of environmental issues impacting the area and our state at large;

A belief that who we elect matters and that the protection of Ohio’s land, air and water should be a political priority.


Manager, Educational Programs

Washington, DC, US

Job posted by Environmental Law Institute on February 9, 2017

About ELI: The Environmental Law Institute (ELI), a non-profit organization located in Washington, D.C., is a leading center of environmental research, policy analysis, and training. Founded at the beginning of the modern environmental era four decades ago, ELI has played a pivotal role in the evolution of environmental law. Today, ELI is an internationally-recognized independent research and education organization whose interdisciplinary staff of lawyers and scientists works to develop creative solutions to critical problems in environmental law, policy, and management worldwide. Support for the Institute’s research and programs comes from a mix of private foundations, state and federal government agencies, and Associates Program revenue.

Position Description: ELI seeks a Manager of Educational Programs to deliver high quality educational programming that serves the interests and needs of ELI’s membership. Under the direction of the Vice President of Development and Membership, and the Director of the Associates Program, and in coordination with the Vice President for Programs and Publication, the Manager of Educational Programs will develop and deliver programs for members, conducting speaker outreach and facilitating the administrative and logistical aspects of the events. This position involves outstanding organizational skills and the ability to conduct detailed planning in such a manner as to continually have programs lined up in advance. Programs include: two Boot Camps per year, one in Washington, DC and one on the West Coast, ELI’s Summer School series, independent ELI seminars, co-sponsored seminars, the Corporate and Keare Forums associated with the annual ELI Award dinner, and networking events. The Manager will work to maintain and expand ELI membership, helping to solicit law firms, corporations, non-governmental organizations, and individuals, including young professionals, to join ELI’s Professional, Corporate, and Public Interest Programs. In coordination with the Director of Communications and Publications, the Manager will work to promote ELI programs among environmental professionals through various media, and will generally serve as an ambassador for the Institute.

The Manager will work in ELI’s Washington, DC office. Some business travel may be required.

Qualifications: 1) Bachelor’s degree required; those holding master’s degrees or J.D.s are encouraged to apply. 2) Exceptional organizational skills. Please highlight any event planning experience. 3) Superb communication and interpersonal skills, particularly the ability to confidently interact with experts in the field.

Salary: $30,000 – $35,000, with excellent benefits.


Garden Manager

Eagle Butte, SD, US

Job posted by The Cheyenne River Youth Project of Eagle Butte, SD on February 8, 2017

Position Title: Garden Manager

Department: Winyan Toka Win Garden

Terms of Employment: Seasonal (May through October)

Supervisor: Youth Program Director

The Winyan Toka Win Garden is the cornerstone in our efforts to build a more sustainable food system on Cheyenne River, while fostering environmental stewardship. The garden provides fresh produce for CRYP youth facilities, serves as a site for educating youth and community members about food systems, provides the foundation for its Farmers Market and assists our organization in its social enterprises, namely the Farmers Market, CRYP gift shop and Keya (Turtle) Cafe. Relying on Lakota values and tradition, the garden project helps our youth re-connect to the land, improves overall health and wellness for the Cheyenne River community.

Responsibilities / Duties

Manage and develop Winyan Toka Win Garden through the design, planting, maintenance and harvest stages guided by the goals of the program and partnering organizations;

Support the Social Enterprise Manager in the development, management and operation of the Farmers Market;

Promote Native food sovereignty and food security;

Promote through working with youth or interactions with community members the important of community gardens;

Cooperate with Youth Programs Director on relevant youth initiatives and intergenerational programming;

Promote safety in the garden;

Collect garden data, including harvest, sales, impact, etc as required;

Assist in the completion of monthly reports that reflect all garden related activities;

Oversee volunteers, interns and other staff in garden-related activities;

Develop and meet Farmers Market financial and social goals;

Cooperate with Keya Café Manager on menu and Gift Shop merchandise;

Maintain the exterior and the interior;

Provide instruction and guidance to volunteers and youth about the gardening process;

Work closely with CRYP staff to organize and implement harvest festival event;

Maintain garden shed and other related facilities

Maintain and operate basic gardening equipment i.e., tillers, tractors, irrigation system, etc.;

Assist in fundraising as required by supervisor;

Perform relevant duties as required;

Specific Qualifications

3-4 years gardening / farming / agricultural experience

Knowledge of organic gardening practices / equipment, as well as Native American and Western agricultural techniques

At least 21 years of age

General Qualifications

Able and willing to serve as a positive role model to area youth

Willingness to learn and receive training

Prior experience serving in a youth organization preferred

Knowledge of and experience with American Indian communities preferred

Have or able to obtain a South Dakota driver’s license

Current criminal history background check

First Aid Safety Training preferred

Must have home / cell phone

Must be willing to meet all Standard Expectations of CRYP


Energy Transition Communications Associate

New York, NY, US

Job posted by Climate Nexus on February 6, 2017

Climate Nexus is a non-profit strategic communications group dedicated to highlighting the impacts of climate change and clean energy solutions in the US and globally.

About the position: Climate Nexus is seeking an Energy Transition Communications Associate that will support the efforts of the growing Energy Transition team. The candidate must be able to work as part of a close-knit team to ensure all projects are of the highest quality and timeliness and possess knowledge of clean energy and the energy transition. The candidate will directly report to the Co-Directors of the Energy Transition team.

Primary Responsibilities:

Coordinate across team focus areas to develop products that advance stories around energy finance, utility transformation, electrification of the transportation system and community transition away from fossil fuels

Work with the staff research team to develop white papers and background briefings for reporters and partners on the above issue areas

Conceptualize, craft and edit op-eds and pitches on the energy transition

Work with the staff media team to foster relationships with reporters, develop press lists, monitor and track energy transition in the media, and pitch op-eds, media notes and feature story ideas

Develop and maintain relationships with key partners including the business community, government, academia, non-profit/NGO, industry and international groups

Skills and Experience:

Bachelor’s degree and minimum of two to three years of relevant experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience

Knowledge of and experience working in clean energy and the energy transition

Communications and media relations experience including pitching reporters, developing feature story ideas, drafting op-eds

Ability to translate complex concepts in the energy and climate space for the media and lay audiences

Demonstrated interest in news/current events, especially energy and climate issues

Strong research skills, ability to write clearly and persuasively including finding and citing primary sources

Willingness to hustle and pitch in where necessary, ability to work with a team

Excellent written English, verbal, organizational, analytical and interpersonal skills

Excellent computer skills, proficient in Microsoft Office, Google Drive

Excellent listening and communication skills

High level of self-motivation and at ease working independently when necessary

Poised, works well under pressure, attentive to detail

Pleasant, diplomatic manner and disposition in interacting with senior management, co-workers and partner organizations

Ability to meet deadlines, prioritize assignments, prioritize and juggle multiple tasks simultaneously

Compensation and Benefits:

Competitive compensation, commensurate with experience.

Benefits package, including:

Paid personal and sick leave

Standard health, dental and vision packages

Employer contributions to 401k retirement account

Parental Leave


Energy Efficiency Program Ambassadors – Community Outreach (Seattle)

Seattle, WA, US

Job posted by C+C on January 27, 2017

Multiple Positions, Paid, Full-Time, Temporary

Do you have an interest in community education, outreach and a desire to do work that’s good for the environment?

Public relations and social marketing firm, C+C is looking for dynamic brand ambassadors for full-time work from early April to late November 2017. There will be a series of paid trainings for this role in March.

Brand Ambassadors will be part of a team doing on-the-ground outreach to homeowners in King, Thurston, Island and Kitsap counties engaging the public with free giveaways and education, helping them understand how they can reduce their energy consumption, and encourage them to take simple steps at home to help save energy.

Successful candidates will have:

A love for interacting with people and great communication skills

The ability to talk to people while staying focused on campaign goals

An interest in public relations and social marketing

A positive attitude – the ability to accept a “no” and move on to the next one

A competitive spirit

The ability to multi-task


Ability to walk for long periods of time

A valid driver’s license (required)

Reliable vehicle for transportation to/from outreach (required)

Desired but not required:

Experience educating the public about environmental issues

Knowledge of environmentally friendly products and practices, especially as pertains to energy efficiency and energy conservation

Bilingual and multilingual capabilities a plus

This is the perfect opportunity for the right applicant to jump into a high-level outreach situation and get their hands dirty, have some fun and see what it takes to do successful community outreach. Applicants will receive in-depth training on successful outreach strategies and learn how to take their skills to the next level.

If interested, please send a resume and cover letter to HR@cplusc.com and please reference BA-D2D in the email subject line. Please do not call the office – we will only notify qualified candidates.

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status or disability status.


Energy Advisor

Baltimore, MD, US

Job posted by Civic Works on January 13, 2017

Civic Works is immediately hiring an Energy Advisor to dramatically increase the number of solar and energy efficiency upgrades in Baltimore communities. Through phone- and email-based advising services, the Energy Advisor will serve as a resource for homeowners and motivate them to purchase solar and energy efficiency upgrades. Throughout the installation process, the Energy Advisor will provide step-by-step guidance, and ensure that homeowners receive fair treatment and quality service. He or she will also assist homeowners in addressing any barriers that may prevent the completion of their solar and energy efficiency upgrades, such as securing financing or prioritizing the recommended improvements.

The ideal candidate will be committed to getting results in a fast-paced environment and able to handle a heavy workload without dropping the ball. This position is an opportunity to combat climate change and bring about real economic benefits for those who need them the most.

Program Overview

Retrofit Baltimore, a program of the non-profit Civic Works, helps homeowners realize the benefits of home energy efficiency and solar energy and creates family-sustaining job opportunities for underserved Baltimore residents. The program uses grassroots, community organizing tactics to motivate homeowners to make home energy improvements, to reduce energy bills by about 15-20% and improve the comfort and safety of the home. Retrofit Baltimore then connects these homeowners with businesses that have committed to hire underserved Baltimore residents and implement equitable employment standards. Civic Works’ green initiatives have been highlighted by Green for All, The Baltimore Sun, The Washington Post, the US Conference of Mayors, and the Maryland Sustainable Growth Commission. Join us in creating a more just and equitable clean energy economy. For more information on Retrofit Baltimore, please visit www.retrofitbaltimore.civicworks.com.


Educate homeowners about the benefits and process of going solar and making energy efficiency improvements

Create customer profiles and customize messaging to meet the customer’s needs and interests

Engage homeowners generated from a variety of program marketing, education, and outreach efforts and effectively motivate them to schedule an energy efficiency and/or solar assessment

Consistently follow up with customers until they make a decision on whether to purchase the recommended solar and energy efficiency improvement measures

Manage and expand customer relationships through continual needs assessments and relationship plans

Coordinate with the contractor liaison and other staff members to ensure the program is delivering on each customer’s needs and expectations

Serve as an advocate for homeowners and actively work to remove the barriers that prevent them from completing the energy efficiency and solar upgrades

Regularly enter customer data into the Customer Relationship Management system, Salesforce


Previous customer service, sales, and/or lead generation experience

Knowledge of building science and solar installation a plus

BPI Building Analyst certification or NABSEP certification a plus, willingness to complete certification upon onboarding required

Excellent verbal communication skills, interpersonal relations skills, and writing skills

Phenomenal relationship building skills, ability to personally connect with and engage with diverse groups of customers

Ability to explain technical information in an easy-to-understand way

Highly organized, detail-oriented, and able to handle multiple projects simultaneously in a fast-paced environment

Exceptional personal responsibility for meeting goals and a track record of success

Ability to recognize problems, develop innovative solutions and implement them

Willingness to regularly work evenings and portions of weekends

Enthusiasm for energy efficiency and social justice

Benefits and Salary

The salary level for this position is competitive. In addition, certification courses, healthcare, and retirement benefits are included.

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