July 12th 2017

Career Notes

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A note on where we find these jobs…

I have received a few questions regarding the sources and contact information for some of the job postings in this and past newsletters. I try to post enough information in this newsletter that you can “re-find” the posting or at least the organization even if it is not from the original source. We are also very willing to help you locate a job you see in this newsletter. However, in some cases if you do not act fast the posting may have expired or have been filled.

There are a number of ways that I receive and find the job descriptions I post. In most of these cases you can do exactly the same thing on your own. In fact, we encourage you to do so! Here are just a few of our methods and sources…

  • VLS Alums and friends send them to us
  • We actively solicit jobs from past or prospective employers (often these are summer or temporary opportunities with organizations we have a strong relationship with, but we get longer term or full time positions as well)
  • Employers seek us out (we have a “Post a job” button on the VLS website, and we also welcome employers sending us jobs directly via email)
  • We have “alerts” set up on several sites that will send us links to particular types of jobs
  • We actively search various job websites for interesting postings relevant to you (Idealist.org, ecojobs.org,….)

–          We go directly to the websites of various governments, organizations, and businesses and check out their “join us”, “employment”, or “career” pages

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Career Tip of the Week

How to Talk to Famous Professors

By Robin Bernstein JULY 05, 2017


I once heard a famous scholar sigh, “I wish grad students would talk to me about baseball.” At conferences, she sincerely wants to connect with early-career academics, but they often refuse her friendly overtures and instead babble frantically about their research in an effort to impress her.

Anxious graduate students are sometimes so busy thinking about how a distinguished scholar might jump-start their careers that they neglect to consider how their approach might just send the senior scholar scurrying away.

Imagine you’re Aristotle, and you’re attending a philosophy conference. Normally, you walk down the street unrecognized (you’re not famous in the same way that Beyoncé is). But at a meeting of the field in which you are an acknowledged leader, others recognize and watch you everywhere you go: the hotel bar, the elevator, the bathroom. People you’ve never met already have strong opinions about you. Many find you intimidating. Some resent you. Untenured academics gaze at you hungrily, thinking that a recommendation from you could transform their careers.

The result: lots of awkward interactions. So if you’re Aristotle, you may prefer to hang out mainly with other famous philosophers. Perhaps you even cultivate an aura of unapproachability.

Many famous scholars do want to interact with up-and-coming academics, but no one wants to be stalked or slobbered over.

If you’re a nonfamous scholar who wants to talk with a famous one, pause and ask yourself, “Why do I want to do that?” If the honest answer is that you want the professor to boost your career, take a moment to reconsider. As I noted in my previous column, “Banish the Smarm,” selfishness is the opposite of true networking. Real, effective networking means forging human connections within scholarly communities. If you look at a famous scholar and all you see is a cartoonish golden ticket to your own success, then you are leading with your need, not your generosity. Of course she’ll pick up on that energy and run in the opposite direction.

Imagine, instead, that you are a grad student at a philosophy conference, and you suddenly find yourself sitting next to Aristotle. You might want to gush. You might try to impress him so much that he’ll stay in touch and someday write you a recommendation. You may even fantasize that he’ll pick you as his new protégé and guide you to academic stardom. Or you may feel scared, intimidated, or even angry, and want to snub him before he can snub you.

Resist all of those impulses.

Instead, say something simple and sincere: “Hi, I’m [full name]. I’m a doctoral student in philosophy at X University, and your work has helped me think about metaphysics.” Say that only if it’s true. If your work engages extensively with his, you can elaborate without getting effusive.

If, however, you’ve never cited Aristotle, you might say, “Hi, Professor Aristotle, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is [full name], and I’m a doctoral student in philosophy at X University.” That greeting acknowledges Aristotle’s status without being fulsome. It’s authentic and open-hearted.

Now the ball is in Aristotle’s court. He may brush you off. Maybe he’s a jerk. Maybe he was assailed five minutes earlier by some toady who kept pressuring him for favors. If he’s unfriendly to you, don’t take it personally. Let it go.

But what if Aristotle replies, “Nice to meet you,” and smiles? What’s next?

Well, he might take the lead and ask about your research, in which case you should speak briefly, neither yammering nor pressuring yourself to say something brilliant. Tell Aristotle a little about your evidence, your working hypotheses, the questions that most excite you. Conversation might just flow from there.

But in case that doesn’t happen, here’s a cheat sheet with five time-tested approaches.

Ask a fail-safe question. Here are two questions scholars ask each other over and over:

  • What are you working on right now?
  • What are you teaching this semester?

The first question is a basic unit of conversation in academe — a standard on par with “How are you?” It’s used so much because it’s a phenomenally effective way to get to know another scholar. And it’s a particularly good question to ask a famous professor because work in progress is by definition unpublished, so you can’t seem ignorant for not having read it.

The second question is also standard, and it prompts natural follow-up questions. If Aristotle says that he’s teaching “Philosophy 101,” you can ask about the structure and content of his syllabus, the writing assignments, or his experiences with his students.

These questions are easy and effective conversation-starters. Best of all, you’re likely to learn a lot from the answers. Aristotle needs fail-safe questions, too, so he may turn around and ask the same questions of you. They create opportunities for mutual generosity.

Geek out together. Scholars love to talk about our work, but many of us love even more to talk about how we work. We are entranced by methods for gathering data, storing it, managing it, and using it to produce knowledge. Conversations about process can get very spirited.

Here’s my No. 1 favorite question to ask humanists and qualitative social scientists: How do you read a book?

Just try that question and see what an avid conversation it sparks. Here are some others questions you can use as a follow-up or independently:

  • How do you take notes on a book? Do you have a method for marginalia versus other notes? How do you take notes differently for primary texts and secondary texts?
  • How do you organize and file your notes? How do you make them searchable or otherwise retrievable?

Also excellent are questions on writing:

  • Do you have a writing routine?
  • Who in our field do you think models good writing? Whose writing inspires you?

Ask those questions in a tone of “let’s all share” rather than “I demand that you mentor me right now.” You’re not asking because you need advice; you’re asking because you are sincerely curious about how other scholars work.

Discuss current events in academe. You and Aristotle share a disciplinary community, and you are both part of academe writ large. Those commonalities provide fodder for conversation:

  • What do you think about [recently published book that’s rocking your discipline]?
  • What’s your perspective on [current big debate in your field]?

Of course Aristotle may hesitate to share unguarded opinions with a stranger. For all he knows, you’re going to take his offhand remark and tweet it as his definitive judgment. The more famous the scholar, the more likely she or he has been burned in the past. You can lower the heat by asking Aristotle not to weigh in on a controversy, but instead to share his observations about his own campus. Try something like:

  • How is your institution dealing with [recent event]?
  • How have your students changed over the years?

Be ordinary. Human beings, including famous scholars, often enjoy discussing music, art, literature, TV, movies, theater, fashion, kids, pets, food, sports, travel, or politics. Consider asking:

  • What are you reading lately for pleasure?
  • Do you follow [local sports team]?
  • And the old standby: Where are you from originally?

Caveat: Don’t talk about general-interest subjects unless they genuinely interest you (don’t force yourself to talk about cats if you couldn’t care less about them). Common sense is important here: Don’t pick a petty fight about politics or tell Aristotle that his favorite TV show is garbage.

Talk about the conference. You and Aristotle have something in common: You were both drawn to the same event. You could ask what he thought of the keynote, or whether he’s heard any particularly interesting presentations. You could even ask mundane questions about his flight or about local restaurants.

Small talk might seem superficial. It’s not. As you and Aristotle chat about sandwiches, you create friendly energy that can support future conversation. Small talk acknowledges that you’re both here, now, as members of a community, participating in an event you both care about.

Saying goodbye. As you sense the conversation ending, you may feel tempted to ask the famous professor for something: an appointment for coffee and follow-up conversation, an opinion on your dissertation abstract, or an introduction to her equally famous colleague. Resist that urge, too. Ask for nothing. I repeat: Nothing.

However, if the famous scholar offers you an opportunity for follow-up, take it. If Aristotle says, “Next week, email me and remind me to send you information about such-and-such,” do it. If he says, “Let me know the next time you’re at my university,” don’t get shy and “forget.” And if Aristotle asks, “Would you send me a copy of your conference paper?,” the answer is yes!

Shake his hand. Say, “It was a pleasure to meet you. I look forward to the next time our paths cross.” And they will — because you are both members of a scholarly community. And now you’re connected.

Robin Bernstein a professor of African and African-American studies and chair of Studies in Women, Gender, and Sexuality at Harvard University.


Job / Externship Postings of the Week

Adult Nutrition Initiatives Specialist

Hunger Free Vermont is hiring a full-time Adult Nutrition Initiatives Specialist!

Be part of a dedicated and highly successful team working to end the injustice of hunger and malnutrition for all Vermonters. Provide integrated outreach and training for the programs that feed Vermont’s individuals, seniors, and families. Develop a strong understanding of essential programs that feed Vermonters, and work collaboratively with federal, state, and community partners to lower barriers to participation in 3SquaresVT, increase access, ensure sustainability, and counter stigma so that vulnerable Vermonters are connected to nutritious food for themselves and their families. Co-staff one of our 10 regional Hunger Councils. If you are someone with a passion for social justice who enjoys having a variety of projects, working with diverse groups in multiple communities, and taking independent initiative as part of a collaborative and supportive team, this may be the position for you!


Hunger Free Vermont’s mission is to end the injustice of hunger and malnutrition for all Vermonters. Hunger Free Vermont is an equal opportunity employer offering competitive salaries and a comprehensive benefits package emphasizing professional development, team learning, and a strong work-life balance. Full position description and application instructions available at www.hungerfreevt.org/employment.





Must be able to read, write, and communicate in English fluently.


None specified


4-year degree


Sports Manager

Special Olympics Vermont


The Sports Manager plans and implements all aspects of Special Olympics Vermont’s year-round sports training and competition, including coaches’ education. This role is instrumental in ensuring that the program is consistent with the mission, goals and philosophy of Special Olympics. For the full job description and application information, please visit https://specialolympicsvermont.org/about-us/careers/




Submit your resume and letter of interest to Justin Graham jgraham@vtso.org.


Full benefits package offered for full time employees.




None specified


4-year degree


Place-Based Education Coordinator

Posted by Appalachian Mountain Club


Location: Highland Center Bretton Woods, NH

Reports to: Manager, A Mountain Classroom

Summary Description: The Appalachian Mountain Club’s A Mountain Classroom program uses inspiring outdoor settings and experiential education to engage students and their teachers in ecology, earth science and leadership development and teambuilding. Each year A Mountain Classroom (AMCR) serves over 8,000 students across the Northeast. As a leader in the field of environmental education, AMCR programs create unparalleled educational experiences that complement classroom learning and other developmental student goals.

This multi-faceted position will manage and develop AMC’s educational outreach efforts in Coos County, New Hampshire’s most northern county. The position includes direct field instruction with youth, teachers and families (approx. 30%) as well as program administration and logistics (approx. 70%). This position is closely linked to grant funded program deliverables, which include approximately, 3,500 youth learning experiences in about 100 programs on a yearly basis. AMCR programming incorporates hands-on, place-based education into our partners’ curricula and other youth development objectives.

Primary Responsibilities:

– Manage Coos County’s yearly slate of approximately 100 educational programs with school staff and other youth-serving professionals.

– Work closely with school trip organizers to choose program components that meet their needs. Ensure instructional staff delivers quality programs to meet teachers’ expectations. Send confirmation letters, maintain teacher contacts and be available for occasional school presentations.

– Work with community partners to implement a coordinated slate of environmental education, youth development and recreation programs for Coos County youth ages K- to high school that meets grant specifications.

– Maintain and disseminate very detailed information about program operations to field educators, other AMC departments and for program record keeping.

– Oversee logistical details of the programs with other AMCR Coordinator and manager:

– Work with other AMC North Country operations to schedule and resource programs.

– Share responsibility for equipment inventory, acquisition and maintenance.

– Share responsibility for maintenance of adequate teaching supplies.

– Use existing AMCR curriculum to develop hands-on, inquiry-based lessons that meet federal and state learning standards and NH’s Environmental Literacy Plan.

– Responsible for the evaluation of individual programs and to work with other AMCR staff on more comprehensive, systematic program evaluation.

– Work within the surrounding communities to promote relationships between schools, youth organizations and others to increase resources for place-based, outdoor and science/environmental education within Coos County.

– Teach day and overnight educational programs to local youth in Coos County communities, at AMC sites and in the backcountry.

– Implement risk management guidelines and ensure consistency among programs.

– Collaborate with other AMC staff to plan and offer teacher professional development in environmental science topics that meet the NH and ME state learning standards.

– Assist with AMCR, AMC’s residential school program, staff training. Ensure education field personnel understand outreach programming goals and curricula.

– Assist NH education coworkers in the oversight of the program’s backcountry communications devices. Manage field evacuations and hospital visits.

– Teach single- and multi-day AMCR courses, especially in the winter season. Lead groups safely into the backcountry.

– Perform on-call duties for all AMCR programs on a rotating basis with coworkers throughout the year.

– Work a flexible schedule, including some evenings and weekends.

– Actively contribute to and support the cohesive operation of all North Country facilities.

– Represent the AMC professionally to the general public, especially to local communities.

Qualifications and Experience:

– BA/BS required in environmental education, environmental studies, other science discipline or related field preferred or equivalent experience.

– Minimum of 2-3 years of experience teaching outdoor/environmental education for youth.

– Ability to promote staff development and teamwork. Cooperative approach to working with entire education staff and others in a large and diverse organization.

– Excellent organizational, written and oral presentation skills.

– Current Wilderness First Aid/Responder and CPR.

– Current/Valid Driver’s License and acceptable driving record. Ability to become DOT certified.

– Physical Requirements: Must be capable of safely traveling alone in the backcountry for long distances during all seasons and weather conditions. Must be able to carry 40+ pounds of equipment backpacking with ease. Work is also performed in a standard office setting.

Employee Perks: The AMC offers a great benefits package! Here is a partial list that highlights some benefits offered to our regular full-time employees. Benefits may vary based on position.

– Group health plan, 75 percent employer paid

– Group life insurance, 100 percent employer paid

– Long term disability insurance, 100 percent employer paid

– Retirement plan with matching contributions

– Paid vacation, 3-4 weeks accrued each year depending on the role

– Paid holidays, 13 per year

– Use of AMC facilities, free and discounted rates.

– Free AMC membership. AMC members receive AMC Outdoors magazine, a 20% discount on lodging, a 10% discount on retail goods and access to chapter events and activities.

Note that benefits may vary based on position and/or work schedule and are subject to change.




Please include your resume and a cover letter along with three (3) professional references when applying. You may also submit a writing sample and salary requirements. No phone calls, please.

The Appalachian Mountain Club has zero tolerance for child abuse or placing children in danger. The AMC requires all employees who work in a program or facility which serves children, disabled persons or the elderly to have a criminal background record check performed on their name annually with employment contingent upon satisfactory results.

The AMC is an Equal Opportunity Employer and values diversity in the workplace. The AMC encourages the involvement of all people in its mission and activities, through its membership, programs, policies and procedures. Our goal is to be a community that is comfortable, inviting and accessible for people of any age, gender, race, religion, ethnicity, ability, sexual orientation or socioeconomic status. Join us!


Communications and Development Coordinator

Green Mountain Farm-to-School


Green Mountain Farm-to-School (GMFTS) is a nonprofit organization promoting the health and well-being of Vermont’s children, farms and communities by providing programs to connect schools and farms through food and education. We do this by building school gardens, delivering local food to schools and institutions, and educating the community about healthy food choices. For more information about GMFTS, please visit www.greenmountainfarmtoschool.org.

Green Mountain Farm-to-School seeks a dynamic, mission-driven professional with strong communications and organizational skills to support the growth of our organization. The communications and development coordinator will conduct outreach for GMFTS programs and services; help to craft and execute an organizational communications and marketing strategy; and assist with fundraising activities and other special projects. The communications and development coordinator will report to the executive director.

The communications and development coordinator will:

  • Develop and execute strategies to communicate about all of GMFTS programs and services to various audiences and the general public
  • Create and distribute the organization’s e-newsletters and develop regular press releases to promote the organization’s work
  • Manage and update GMFTS website and manage social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Develop and implement an annual marketing, communications, and assist with developing fundraising plan
  • Assist with organizational development by overseeing coordination and execution of fundraising events
  • Assist in drafting grant proposals, renewals, and reports; Research new funding opportunities
  • Assist in drafting and coordinating annual direct mail solicitation
  • Assist in soliciting donations and vendors for events and fundraisers
  • Draft gift acknowledgment letters and manage other correspondence with donors
  • Work with designer to create promotional materials for GMFTS and its programs
  • Create and implement marketing plan for GMFTS events
  • Maintain and update GMFTS donor database
  • Work with executive director to identify and cultivate community and business sponsors
  • Create or assist with other communications and development projects as needed


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience required,
  • Experience in marketing, public relations, or other communications management; experience in a nonprofit setting preferred
  • Experience with fundraising, event coordination, and nonprofit fund development work preferred
  • Strong writing and verbal communication abilities; knowledge of AP Style a plus
  • Strong computer skills; graphic design, web design, and/or desktop publishing experience helpful
  • Excellent interpersonal skills: demonstrated ability to develop and maintain relationships and interact effectively with donors, prospects, board members, and program beneficiaries
  • Self-motivated and self-directed with a willingness to be flexible, positive, and adaptable in a rapidly changing landscape with the possibility of unanticipated projects and demands




Submit a cover letter, resume, and three references to jobs@gmfts.org. No phone calls please.

GMFTS is committed to creating a diverse environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply.


Environmental Community Organizer

Work for Progress


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

Toxics Action Center, a New England-wide non-profit public health and environmental organization, seeks a dynamic and hard-working community organizer who knows that it takes an engaged and active citizenry to make our democracy work, hold polluters accountable, and win real results for our health and the environment. Corporate polluters will go to great lengths to avoid responsibility for their messes, and government bureaucracies are slow to act. Building powerful local organizations and empowering communities to take action are critical for us to win against powerful special interests. Community organizers for Toxics Action Center organize with communities to tackle environmental threats, bring residents together to achieve proactive, positive change, and develop long-term leaders to broaden the environmental and social change movement.


At Toxics Action Center, we start from the core belief that everyone has the right to breathe clean air, drink clean water, and live in a healthy community where government operates responsively and democratically. For the last 28 years, our mission has been to make these rights a reality by organizing side by side with residents who are facing toxic threats to build their capacity and power. We train residents in the skills and know-how they need to run effective local campaigns, while also developing long-term leaders to fuel New England’s progressive movements. Our work has helped groups win hundreds of local victories: we prevented radioactive waste dumps from being built across Massachusetts, won fights against incinerators and landfills and for zero waste across the region, won retirement of three coal-fired power plants in Massachusetts, and organized with citizens in South Portland to stop Exxon Mobil’s plans to bring tar sands into Maine.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Campaign development: You’ll identify the biggest local environmental threats, enter the threatened communities, and build relationships with key local leaders. You’ll work with local leaders to identify solutions to local environmental problems and develop creative strategies to win.
  • Community organizing training and leadership development: You will organize with 10-15 community groups each year, conducting group training consultations on campaign skills and running one-on-one coaching and leadership development sessions with community leaders.
  • Coordinate coalitions: You will work with the traditional environmental community, volunteer activists, and unlikely allies to build public support to influence decision-makers.
  • Communications: You will work to increase the organization’s media presence and name recognition through events, news releases, campaign materials, and online organizing.
  • Fundraising: You will identify and cultivate donors, assist with grant-writing, and participate in other grassroots fundraising tactics including door-to-door canvassing and planning other fundraising events.


Candidates must be ambitious, have leadership experience, strong written and verbal communication skills, a track record of accomplishment, and an ability to work effectively with all different types of people. The ideal candidate is passionate about community organizing and movement building. We value previous organizing experience.

Salary and Benefits:

The salary for this position is commensurate with relevant professional experience. Toxics Action Center offers a competitive benefits package. Eligible staff receive health insurance, paid holidays, sick days, vacation days, and the opportunity to enroll in our college loan assistance and 401(k) programs. We also offer an excellent training program and opportunities for advancement.



Community organizers can be based in Portland, ME and will report to the Deputy Director.

To Apply:

Apply online at http://toxicsaction.org/page/tac/apply. Direct your application to Sylvia Broude, Executive Director. We’ll review your application, and if we are if we are interested in discussing your candidacy further, we will be in touch with you shortly.

Toxics Action Center is an equal opportunity employer and is strongly committed to a diverse workplace and a diverse movement. We will not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, sex, age, handicap, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, or veteran status.





Toxics Action Center offers a competitive benefits package. Eligible staff receive health insurance, paid holidays, sick days, vacation days, and the opportunity to enroll in our college loan assistance and 401(k) programs. We also offer an excellent training program and opportunities for advancement.


4-year degree


Events Coordinator

The Resolution Project, Inc.


Position Title: Events Coordinator

Location: NY, NY

Start Date: Immediately


The Resolution Project (“Resolution”) is a unique pathway to action for aspiring young leaders committed to changing the world. Resolution identifies and empowers undergraduate students across the globe who wish to launch new social ventures supported by Resolution’s international network of resources. More than 300 Resolution Fellows, in more than 65 countries and on all six inhabited continents (including across the United States), are working in diverse, high-impact fields such as water, food, sustainable development, education, energy and the environment, equality and empowerment, health and wellness, and humanitarian relief. Supporting our Fellows are over 500 volunteers, a dedicated staff, and dozens of partners from both the public and private sectors.


The Resolution Project runs two major fundraisers and several smaller fundraising, “friend-raising,” and thought leadership events each year. We are looking for an enthusiastic, tireless, detail-oriented team-player to work closely with our events team, comprising a volunteer Director of Events, event Team Leads, staff, and other organization leaders. The coordinator will support the execution of the Young Leaders Now Award Dinner, the Resolve Gala, and other events throughout the year.

– The Resolution Young Leaders Now (“YLN”) Award highlights extraordinary social entrepreneurs who started their work while still in college, like our Resolution Fellows. These leaders are beacons for current Resolution Fellows to aspire toward, and also a way for our community to celebrate successful young leaders together. The award presentation consists of a beautiful sit-down dinner at the Harvard Club of New York City, with a short award program and cocktail hour.

– The Resolve Gala is also held each year at the Harvard Club of New York City. We welcome more than 600 business and community leaders for an evening celebrating sustainability and the work of Resolution Fellows around the world. The event is responsible for raising more than $400,000 and includes an open bar, silent auction, series of interactive installations featuring the work of Resolution Fellows, and a live performance. Last year’s gala featured a private concert by a Grammy award-winning artist.


Assist in major aspects of coordination, execution, and follow-up of Resolution fundraisers:

Sponsorship Support

– Support identification and tracking of event sponsors

– Support sponsor management (i.e., collecting guest lists, securing approvals of logo placement, etc.)

Communications and Event Collateral

– Work with design team to review all print and digital materials

– Work with staff to issue digital and print Save the Date and invitations

– Prepare social media postings

– Draft postings to help recruit day-of event volunteers


– Support logistics related to event planning (i.e. reviewing contracts, managing ticketing website, helping with event check-in, etc.)

– Prepare and manage event supplies and assist with on-site setups/breakdowns; manage guest check-in for both events

– Work with creative team to help execute several on-site installations at the event(s) and a digital book that is distributed at the Resolve gala

– Help coordinate travel and accommodation for special event guests

– Attend weekly events meetings (Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm) and occasional weekend work sessions

– Take meeting notes

– Coordinate with staff to ensure all financial contributions are tracked and logged in Salesforce

Silent Auction

– Assist with planning the silent auction, contacting donors and securing contributions

– Manage silent auction logistics (i.e. tracking package elements, outlining redemption instructions, sourcing display materials, etc.)

– Assist with soliciting gift bag donors and securing contributions

Attendee Support – Tracking RSVPs and responding to inquiries

Vendor Management – Support outreach to new vendors (alcohol, gift bag, floral, technology rentals, etc.)

Post-Event Follow Up – Following events, assist with appropriate thank you messages and prompt follow-up for participants, sponsors, and donors

General Requirements:

– Interest and experience in event planning and execution

– Extremely organized with meticulous attention to detail and follow-up, and strong follow-through

– This individual will work out of Resolution’s small midtown office, but will be asked to work some evening and weekend hours. Attendance at weekly Wednesday meetings from 7:30pm – 9pm and availability all day on October 12<sup>th</sup> is mandatory. Weekend availability will likely be necessary in the weeks leading up to the events

– Self-starter – ability to work well alone and with others

– Team-player attitude. We are a small group with a ‘roll up your sleeves’ corporate culture, so we are looking for someone who is excited about lending a hand

– Adaptable and quick learner

– Proficient in Microsoft Office with high level of general computer competency. Knowledge of Salesforce, Eventbrite, and iContact a plus

– The ideal candidate is someone who has proven success in managing nonprofit events and working closely in small teams and with volunteers to achieve event goals.


Send cover letter, resume, and salary history or minimum salary requirements to careers@resolutionproject.org. You must include “Events Coordinator” as the subject line of the email. No phone calls or faxes, please.

The Resolution Project is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, sex, religion, sexual orientation or political beliefs.


Send cover letter, resume, and salary history or minimum salary requirements to careers@resolutionproject.org. You must include “Events Coordinator” as the subject line of the email. No phone calls or faxes, please.


Competitive benefits package.



New York Organizer

Food & Water Watch


Food & Water Watch is a leading nonprofit running strategic campaigns to move America Off Fossil Fuels, ensure safe drinking water for all, and challenge the corporate control of our food, water and democracy. We utilize online and field organizing to build the people power we need to win real victories – including banning fracking in New York and Maryland, stopping the TPP in its tracks and banning the toxin arsenic from being used in chicken production. We are proud progressives who don’t accept any corporate or government funding so we can stand up for what we believe in without any conflicts of interest.


Based out of our Brooklyn office, this position works with Food & Water Watch staff, volunteers and allies to implement strategic campaigns that will protect New York’s water and food, stop dangerous oil drilling techniques, oppose unnecessary fossil fuel infrastructure projects, promote the protection of our public water resources, and transitioning to 100% renewable energy.

As part of the New York program, the Organizer works to develop and implement legislative, field organizing, media strategies and campaigns in support of Food & Water Watch’s local, state, and national policy goals.

Food & Water Watch strives for a diverse work environment and encourages women, people of color, LGBTQ individuals, and differently-abled people to apply.

Specific Responsibilities

Build a strong base of organizations and individuals in support of our campaigns.

Participate in membership recruitment and fund raising for Food & Water Watch.

Coordinate and develop coalitions on campaign issues and implement grassroots organizing and public education campaigns.

Work with team to develop strategic campaign plans including long- and short-term goals, strategies and tactics.

Maintain familiarity with a diverse set of issues and research products, and respond to information requests from activists, coalition members, and media.

Develop educational materials such as factsheets, action alerts, web site content and newsletter articles on various campaign issues.

Maintain activist database and email lists to effectively communicate to members and supporters.

Develop and implement legislative, field organizing, online, and media strategies in support of these campaigns.

Coordinate events such as, but not limited to, panel discussions and film screenings.

Travel to target areas to motivate local organizations and individuals through public speaking, media appearances, strategic planning and training, and meetings with state and local governments.

Engage and train student leaders and supervise interns.

Other duties as assigned.


Education: College degree or equivalent experience required.

Experience: At least two years experience in advocacy on public policy issues, and/or grassroots/field organizing. Prior experience organizing in POC communities a plus.

Knowledge: Organizing, advocacy and legislative strategy techniques; familiarity with federal and state legislatures; consumer and environmental issues; working with the media. Bilingual English/Spanish preferred.

Skills: Excellent written and oral communication skills; strong interpersonal and planning; excellent organizational skills. Knowledge of online activism and email list serves.

Capabilities: Ability to think creatively and quickly to respond to campaign developments and to take advantage of breaking news; demonstrated leadership capability; ability to work well with a wide variety of people and to coordinate diverse tasks; ability to present technical concepts to a mass audience; can-do attitude and commitment to public interest work. Work well under pressure, handle multiple tasks at once, and adapt to changing situations on a daily basis. High level of independent judgment.

Conditions: Strong interest in and commitment to promoting the goals of Food & Water Watch. Long hours possible.

Applicant must be legally eligible to work in the United States.


100% employer-paid health care, dental, vision, and long-term disability insurance.

Three weeks paid vacation to start and three personal days.

Food & Water Watch offices are closed for all federal holidays and an extra week at the end of December.

Paid sick days.

Family and medical leave.

403(b) retirement plan with annual employer contribution after the first year on staff.

Professional development opportunities on an ongoing basis.


Position open until filled. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Food & Water Watch strives for a diverse work environment and encourages women, people of color, LGBTQ individuals, and differently-abled people to apply. Click here to submit a resume, cover letter, writing sample and three references.



Program Manager

Posted by US Water Alliance


About the US Water Alliance

Founded in 2008, the US Water Alliance advances policies and programs that build a sustainable water future for all. We are driving a one water movement—an approach to water stewardship that is innovative, inclusive, and integrated. As a national nonprofit organization, we:

Educate the nation about the true value of water and the need for investment. The US Water Alliance coordinates the Value of Water Campaign which builds public and political will for investment in sustainable water infrastructure and water resources.

Accelerate policies and programs that manage water resources to advance a better quality of life for all. We convene diverse interests to identify and advance practical, achievable solutions to our nation’s most pressing water challenges. We do this through national dialogues, knowledge building and peer exchange, the development of forward-looking and inclusive water policies and programs, public education, and coalition building.

Celebrate what works by showcasing examples of sustainable, innovative, and integrated water resource management solutions. We shine a light on those who engage in groundbreaking work through storytelling, cataloging and disseminating best practices, and spearheading special recognition programs such as the US Water Prize that focus attention on how One Water leaders are building stronger communities and a stronger America.

The US Water Alliance is a small and growing nonprofit organization with offices in Washington, DC and San Francisco, CA. For more information, please visit our website at: www.uswateralliance.org

Position Overview

The Program Manager reports to the Deputy Director and collaborates closely with US Water Alliance members, partners, and staff. They will have primary responsibility for the following core areas of work for the organization:

Value of Water Campaign. The Program Manager will manage this unique coalition of organizations building public and political will for investment in water infrastructure and water resources. Responsibilities include developing external and internal Campaign materials; managing all aspects of projects such as Infrastructure Week and Imagine a Day Without Water national advocacy day; running day-to-day operations of the Campaign; setting agendas for and facilitating Campaign meetings; recruiting new Campaign partners; and supporting existing Campaign partners in engaging on signature activities. Please visit the Campaign website to learn more.

Special projects and strategic communications. The Program Manager will work closely with the CEO and Deputy Directors on managing special initiatives, coordinating and facilitating meetings, developing presentations and articles, and other public-facing materials.

We are seeking a candidate with experience in coalition building, communications, and policy development. Our ideal candidate would have a background in infrastructure, water, environmental policy, or related fields of interest. The Program Manager will be team-oriented, able to work under tight deadlines, flexible, and dedicated to the mission of the US Water Alliance. This position requires occasional travel to represent the US Water Alliance at various meetings and events.


Minimum of 5 years of experience in related field; BA degree

Excellent writing, editing, and verbal communications skills with demonstrated experience in writing about complex topics for a variety of non-technical audiences

Experience in supporting and implementing innovative programs or policy initiatives

Demonstrated capacity for critical, independent, and creative thinking

Passion for water, sustainability, and appreciation for the role of policy in being a force for positive change

Well-organized, able to work well under pressure and meet shifting deadlines

A team player, appreciation of the value of all kinds of diversity, and strong interpersonal skills

Advanced degree preferred

To Apply

Salary is based upon the candidate’s experience and qualifications in line with the organization’s budget. Excellent benefits including paid vacation, health, vision and dental insurance, and 401(k) retirement plan.

Please send resume and cover letter via email to: HR@uswateralliance.org. Please include “Program Manager Application” in the subject line of your email. The US Water Alliance is committed to building and maintaining a diverse staff and a welcoming workplace.




Excellent benefits including paid vacation, health, vision and dental insurance, and 401(k) retirement plan.


4-year degree


Environmental Impact Bonds Project Coordinator

Chesapeake Bay Foundation


The Chesapeake Bay Foundation seeks an Environmental Impact Bonds Project Coordinator to be based at its Philip Merrill Environmental Center headquarters located in Annapolis, MD. This is a one-year term position, renewable for an additional year contingent upon funding. It will be located at CBF’s Merrill Center headquarters in Annapolis, MD. Travel within Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia is required.


Celebrating its 50th anniversary, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) is the nation’s leading conservation organization dedicated solely to restoring and protecting the Chesapeake Bay, our nation’s largest estuary. With over 230,000 members, an annual operating budget of $26 million, a $55 million endowment, CBF’s 185 full time staff work in offices in Annapolis and Easton, MD; Richmond and Virginia Beach, VA; Harrisburg, PA; Washington, DC; and in 15 field education program locations across the Bay watershed

CBF’s headquarters – the Philip Merrill Environmental Center – in Annapolis is the world’s first USGBC LEED platinum building. In 2014, CBF opened the Brock Environmental Center in Virginia Beach; the Brock Center is the tenth certified Living Building and one of the most energy efficient, environmentally smart buildings in the world.


Under federal/state municipal water pollution permits and other legal requirements, many public sector agencies in the Chesapeake Bay watershed – including local governments and water/stormwater utilities – must substantially reduce pollution from stormwater runoff into nearby waters. To date, most attempts to undertake this remediation have employed standard, heavily-engineered “grey infrastructure” practices to hold and slowly release water. While these practices can reduce peak flows from storm events, they are costly, require long timeframes for implementation, and may not result in sufficient pollution reductions to meet new pollution reduction obligations.

“Green infrastructure,” which utilizes and mimics natural processes of ground infiltration and plant “uptake” to reduce run-off and pollutants, is generally less expensive and is now being deployed widely. However, green infrastructure is still considered by some to be “experimental” at scale in urban environments. Additionally, while green infrastructure is “less expensive,” it still requires up-front capital investment to implement, as well as funding for ongoing maintenance. To alleviate some of these expenses and address the perceived risk of using green infrastructure to meet regulatory obligations related to reducing polluted runoff, CBF and its contractual partner, Quantified Ventures (QV), will assist up to four municipalities/utilities in identifying, designing, structuring and obtaining access to private capital for public green infrastructure solutions. CBF and QV will structure these investments through a “pay for success” model called “environmental impact bonds” (EIBs). In this model, private capital is used to fund the projects, and public sector stakeholders will repay investors based on environmental outcomes achieved, thereby allowing the public sector to access new capital and to transfer project risk to private investors.

The Project Coordinator will help manage this grant-funded project. This individual will:

  • Assist with project planning, and project budget and task management;
  • Help conduct research for, and outreach to, municipalities including educating about EIBs;
  • Review proposals from municipalities;
  • Manage internal contracts and workload;
  • Work with other staff to perform regular grant reporting;
  • Provide coordination, communication, and meeting support among consultant(s), other contractor(s), municipal partners, and CBF;
  • Provide general project task support as needed;
  • Provide support and assistance to municipalities or utilities that become project partners who provide CBF with expertise, data, studies and plans, etc.;
  • Assist with the preparation of educational materials and the development of other reports and presentations, as needed; and
  • Serve as spokesperson on project as needed.


  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration, economics, management, engineering, or related field.
  • 5-7 years’ experience in project management in investment banking, conservation finance, stormwater management, or related local government project-level analyses and management. Master’s degree in similar fields as above may substitute for 1-2 years of experience.
  • Knowledge of/exposure to public finance and impact investing, public infrastructure implementation, and environmental management issues at the local government level.
  • Knowledge of the Chesapeake Clean Water Blueprint (Total Maximum Daily Load and Watershed Implementation Plans) is helpful.
  • Proven problem-solving and analytic skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal and oral and written communication capabilities.
  • Experience managing complex projects and workloads with multiple actors and objectives.

To apply, please send cover letter, resume, and salary history and requirements no later than July 21, 2017 to:

Human Resources/FY18-001-EIBPC

Chesapeake Bay Foundation


CBF offers a comprehensive benefits package to include: 20 vacation days, 10 sick days, health, vision, dental, life insurance, and a tax deferred annuity plan. The Chesapeake Bay Foundation is an Equal Opportunity Employer.




Human Resources/FY17-027-DMGHR

Chesapeake Bay Foundation



CBF offers a comprehensive benefits package to include: 20 vacation days, 10 sick days, health, vision, dental, life insurance, and a tax deferred annuity plan.


4-year degree


Media Analyst

Environmental Defense Fund

Media Analyst

With world attention focused on both the environment and the economy, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) is where policymakers and business leaders turn for win-win solutions. This leading green group, with programs from Boston to Beijing, has tripled in size over the past decade by focusing on strong science, surprising partnerships and market-based approaches. You can be part of a vibrant workplace that welcomes diverse perspectives, talents and contributions, where innovation and a focus on results are a way of life.

EDF’s Communications team is focused, well-organized, data-driven, and works toward clear objectives and metrics. As part of our team, you will have the opportunity to utilize your knowledge and skills creatively to support EDF media outreach and recommend guiding strategies that are supported by your thoughtful qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Overall Function

In an effort to help EDF communicate more effectively with our key target audiences, the Media Analyst will work within EDF’s Analytics Team to track the effectiveness of our media outreach efforts; measure the impact and effectiveness of brand marketing communications on the sentiment of our target brand audiences; and monitor the overall impacts on our brand health.

The ideal candidate understands how to design, construct and provide analysis/reporting of marketing and communications campaigns for internal campaign directors, including monthly and quarterly updates, and ad hoc requests, leveraging web site data, social media channels, earned media, and paid advertising. We’re looking for someone to synthesize disparate datasets, interpret that data, and feel comfortable in telling a strategic narrative about what you are seeing in the data.

The candidate will need to be a creative problem solver with solid analytical and data manipulation abilities, and possess an aptitude for learning and strong attention to detail. This role will require solid knowledge of PR listening and reporting tools like Cision, Quid, Crimson Hexagon and others. Knowledge of statistical packages to analyze structured and unstructured datasets and experience using data visualization tools is a plus.

This position will have the opportunity to help shape this aspect of our digital analytics practice by evaluating and recommending platforms, processes, and data sources.

Key Responsibilities

Monitor, measure, and report on the effectiveness of traditional media outreach campaigns.

Monitor, measure, and report on monthly and quarterly earned media coverage and social media activity.

Perform analyses on disparate sets of data to extract actionable insights.

Communicate data-driven insights and recommendations to key stakeholders.

Work collaboratively with cross-functional teams of strategists, analysts, marketers, communicators, designers, and developers.

Combine data from multiple systems in order to get a 360-view of campaign and brand performance.

Document processes used to produce queries, reports, and routine analyses.

Manage standard weekly, monthly, and quarterly reporting.


Strong analytical skills

Creative and logical thinker

Capable of tackling very loosely defined problems

Ability to abstract specific insights from large data-sets

Adept at SQL queries

Experience with PR listening tools such as Cision

Experience with Tableau or other data visualization tools

Experience with R or other statistical tools

Solid verbal and written communication skills

Ability to work independently and as part of a team

Ability to self-teach, quick learner of technology and data analysis techniques

Attention to detail a must


This position will be located in Washington, DC.

We strongly believe that diversity of experience, perspectives, and background will lead to a better workplace as well as better outcomes in our environmental protection efforts. This is something we value deeply and we encourage everyone to come be a part of changing the world for the better.

Due to the volume of employment applications and queries received, EDF is unable to respond to each application individually. Applicants will be contacted directly if selected as a candidate.

Environmental Defense Fund is an equal opportunity employer where an applicant’s qualifications are considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or any other basis prohibited by law.





Institutional Giving Coordinator

Environmental Defense Fund

With world attention focused on both the environment and the economy, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) is where policymakers and business leaders turn for win-win solutions. This leading green group, with programs from Boston to Beijing, has tripled in size over the past decade by focusing on strong science, uncommon partnerships and market-based approaches. The Development Team has been an integral part of the growth. You can be part of a vibrant workplace that welcomes diverse perspectives, talents and contributions, where innovation and a focus on results are a way of life.

Overall Function

The Institutional Giving (IG) Coordinator will be part of an aggressive and growing Development team. Reporting to the Senior Foundations Officer in the New York office, the Coordinator will also support the Senior Government Grants Officer, and be responsible for supporting the IG team’s efforts to cultivate, solicit, and steward a portfolio of EDF’s leadership and principal donors. The Coordinator will be expected to employ the highest standards of a donor-centered approach to fundraising playing a key role in the solicitation and stewardship of EDF’s top donors. This position is a growth opportunity for someone interested in the Development profession and offers the opportunity to work with EDF’s senior fundraisers and program staff. EDF is committed to the success of its Development team and provides an outstanding opportunity to learn and grow.

Key Responsibilities

Work closely with the Senior Foundation Officer and Senior Government Grants Officer to engage top donors; develop deep familiarity with their portfolios and work plans to assist and learn.

Compose, edit, and proofread talking points for donor meetings, briefings, proposals, stewardship reports and other communications; coordinating with Institutional Giving writers and Donor Communications team, ensuring that donor documents meet the highest standards of writing and that the content reflects EDF’s priorities.

Assist in timely and accurate preparation for donor and prospect visits.

Liaise with program and finance staff on all reports and proposals due, including setting deadlines, providing them necessary materials, and managing the document process.

Assist with editing and preparation of proposals, reports, government forms and other documents; gather support materials and prepare documents for submission, including complex online submission platforms.

Produce individualized acknowledgements and other correspondence for donors, ensuring their accuracy and consistency with EDF’s style and messaging.

Analyze and develop various fundraising reports tracking goals, giving and fundraising activities.

Conduct initial research on donors and prospects and create a portfolio of information for strategy and planning process.

Participate in donor strategy sessions.

Respond to donor and staff inquires and other special projects, as assigned.


Bachelor’s degree required.

A minimum of three years of relevant experience preferably in a fundraising, nonprofit or academic setting is preferred.

Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including the ability to compose, edit, and expertly proofread correspondence and other documents.

Strong strategic and analytical skills and the ability to convey complex ideas in writing, with a level of clarity and sophistication expected by our donors and prospects.

Excellent interpersonal skills, including the ability to maintain tact, diplomacy, and confidentiality while representing the organization and interfacing with all levels of staff at the national and affiliate offices, as well as with volunteers, donors, and outside vendors.

High ability to actively listen to colleagues, VP and donors to deftly navigate and manage relationships.

Demonstrated initiative and creativity; the ability to work independently as well as within a team.

Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Internet research. Experience working with Salesforce, fundraising or relational databases strongly preferred.

Desire to learn institutional fundraising.

Commitment to the mission of Environmental Defense Fund.

Environmental Defense Fund is an Equal Opportunity Employer





California Program Coordinator

American Coatings Association

PaintCare Coordinator for California

Application Deadline: August 1, 2017


PaintCare seeks a qualified candidate to assist with growing and maintaining the paint stewardship program in California. This position will be located in California and will coordinate with program staff and partners to plan and execute drop-off events in California, support California operations by monitoring the program hotline, and represent the program within the state and nationwide.

About PaintCare

PaintCare, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, was established by the American Coatings Association (ACA) to implement state-mandated paint stewardship programs on behalf of paint manufacturers in each state that adopts a paint stewardship law. Funding for PaintCare is provided through a fee on new paint sales. Funding is used to establish drop-off sites where the public can take leftover paint for recycling, pay for the recycling of this paint, and provide public education and program administration. Oregon passed the first industry-supported paint stewardship law in 2009. California’s program has been operating since October 2012. Similar programs are being implemented in Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Maine, Minnesota, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Please visit www.paintcare.org for more information.



  • Plans and executes temporary drop-off events, in coordination with PaintCare staff and external partners. Provides event support at sites throughout California.
  • Meets and communicates with paint retail stores, municipal household hazardous waste (HHW) programs and other program stakeholders.
  • Assists with answering phone calls on the national PaintCare hotline.
  • Public outreach: distributes public information materials to drop-off sites upon request, including those retailers that are not drop-off sites, assist PaintCare with monitoring use and usability of materials by sites.
  • Recordkeeping: maintains computer database of drop-off site information, reviews partner websites for accuracy and changes, generates reports.
  • Assists California team with travel expense reconciliation and other administrative requests as needed.
  • Reports to West Coast Program Manager.

Preferred Skills and Qualifications

  • Experience with and/or knowledge of hazardous materials, hazardous waste management and programs, hazardous waste laws and regulations, HHW programs, state environmental agencies, hazardous materials/waste storage requirements, hazardous waste transportation and processing.
  • Experience with and/or knowledge of retail operations, infrastructure and communications, including big box, chain, franchise, co-op, and independent stores.
  • Familiarity with paint products.
  • Familiarity and comfort with users of paint, particularly trade painters, contractors, paint retailers and property managers.
  • Experience with event planning, customer service, and/or public relations.
  • Experience with and/or knowledge of product stewardship programs, laws and organizations.
  • Ability to work independently from home.
  • Willingness to travel extensively within the state to support drop-off events, program site recruitment, training and outreach projects. Occasional travel to Colorado, Oregon, Minnesota, Washington D.C., and other locations in the US as needed, to assist with program implementation, trainings, conferences, and meetings.
  • Proficiency with computers and typical office software.
  • Valid state driver’s license.


Location and Travel

This position is located in California. Candidate should reside in proximity to a major California airport (Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Orange County, Sacramento). The employee will work from home. Extensive travel throughout the state will be required to support drop-off events. Travel time will vary, may exceed 50% of the time and includes weekend travel to/from event sites.

Employment, Salary and Benefits

This is a full time, regular position. Salary depends on experience. PaintCare, through the ACA, provides generous benefits [401(k), vacation days, medical, dental, and life insurance] and reimbursement for travel expenses.

Contact Information

To apply for this position, please email cover letter, resume, and salary requirements in one document to jobs@paintcare.org . Please indicate “CA Coordinator – PaintCare” in the email subject line.



Community Conservation Associate

Potomac Conservancy

Would you rather be on the trail than at a desk? Do you love talking to people about your passion for the outdoors? Is empowering local residents to make a difference your thing? Potomac Conservancy is seeking an energetic and creative self-starter on a mission for clean water for all communities in our area.

As the Community Conservation Associate, you will help communities get their Hands Dirty and Feet Wet for clean water through the management of our popular and highly successful volunteer stewardship and recreation programs along the Potomac River. You will also help create new programming, especially paddling events, with an eye to engaging communities of color. Funding for this exciting new position is guaranteed for the next two years through a partnership with the National Park Service’s Chesapeake Bay Office, with a desire to make this position permanent.

Founded in 1993, Potomac Conservancy is a vibrant and growing environmental organization. We are the region’s leading clean water advocate, shaping the broader effort to ensure the Potomac River boasts clean drinking water, healthy lands, and connected communities. You will be joining a small but mighty team who work every day to fight for clean water through building a local movement of impassioned river advocates. Join Team Potomac and make a difference in your community!

Position Requirements

  • Recruit volunteers and participants to our Potomac Stewards, Growing Native, and Paddling events
  • Develop volunteer and recreation participant retention strategy
  • Maintain existing partnerships with NGOs, and federal and local government agencies, and develop new partnerships to expand our current suite of programming
  •    Manage participant records in EveryAction, our constituent record management system
  • Scout new locations for volunteer events that reach target audiences
  • Develop a suite of offerings with key partners designed to provide communities of color outdoor recreational opportunities
  • Provide onsite event management
  • Write and manage grants for Community Conservation programming
  • Assist with the management of corporate sponsorships
  • Assist with strategic planning for Community Conservation expansion


  • Interest in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) work is a must, experience preferred
  • Self-motivated and able to work well in a team
  • Comfortable speaking in front of a crowd as well as one-on-one
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Creative problem solving abilities
  • Event management experience preferred
  • Interest in the outdoors and outdoor recreation is a must
  • Ability to manage multiple and competing deadlines
  • A college degree in a related field or two years relevant experience
  • A valid driver’s license required; access to a personal vehicle preferred

Location, Schedule, and Travel: This position will work out of Potomac Conservancy’s headquarters in downtown Silver Spring, Maryland, and reports to the Director of Community Conservation. During the busy season in the fall and spring, the schedule will be Tuesday through Saturday, with more flexibility in the off months. Travel around the DC Metro area is required. Access to personal transportation preferred.

Desired Start Date: October 2, 2017

Salary and Benefits: This is a full-time, hourly position (40 hours per week) with an annual compensation of $34,000 – $37,000 per year. Funding for this position is guaranteed for two year, with the desire to make this a permanent position. In addition to staff outings, benefits include medical and dental coverage; 18 days paid time off and 10 holidays per year; working with bright, fun coworkers; and interacting with an engaged board of directors.

How to Apply: Please send a resume and cover letter to resume@potomac.org with Community Conservation Associate in the subject line by August 8, 2017. Any follow-up on your application may be done via email. No phone calls please.

Potomac Conservancy is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply.





Please send a resume and cover letter to resume@potomac.org with Community Conservation Associate in the subject line by August 8, 2017. Any follow-up on your application may be done via email. No phone calls please.


Director of Events and Business Operations

Williston VT

The Snelling Center is looking for a new Director of Events and Business Operations

This position is the glue holding all parts of the Snelling Center together.

We are searching for an individual for our office in Williston to:

  1. Plan logistics and coordinate approximately 45 program days a year for our various leadership programs. The individual should be prepared to spend those days at locations around Vermont providing logistical support to the program Directors.
  2.    Help manage the class selection and interview process for our programs
  3. Manage our office, including QuickBooks, and all banking and financial transactions
  4. Provide support to the President and interface with the Board of Directors

If you know someone who you think would enjoy representing the Snelling Center and performing these duties, please ask them to contact Mark Snelling at mark@snellingcenter.org




Climate Policy Analyst,

NewClimate Institute

Organization: NewClimate InstitutePosition: Climate Policy AnalystDuty Station: Cologne or Berlin, GermanyDeadline for Application: 30 July 2017

Experience Requirements: Minimum of five years of experience in the area of climate change mitigation and energy systems analysis.ContactName: Eva MoserEmail: recruitment@newclimate.org LinksJob Announcement: https://newclimate.org/about-newclimate/careers/job-position-policy-analyst-r-1704/ Organization’s Website: http://newclimate.org


Project Manager

Resilient Manufacturing Communities (Water Resiliency), ISC

Job Vacancy

Organization: Institute for Sustainable Communities (ISC)Position: Project Manager, Resilient Manufacturing Communities (Water Resiliency)Duty Station: Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, or Madhya Pradesh, India

Deadline for Application: 15 July 2017

Experience Requirements: Advanced degree in engineering, economics, business administration, industrial planning, environmental management, water management, community development or other related degree, and five or more years of relevant experience working with or for community-based nonprofit organizations and/or collaboration with local urban bodies and management of factory-level engagements. Contact Name: Stacey Sheehan Email: jobs@iscvt.org Links Job Announcement: https://recruiting.paylocity.com/Recruiting/Jobs/Details/2824 Organization’s Website: http://www.iscvt.org

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