August 9th 2017

Career Notes

Welcome to Career Notes the Career Services newsletter for VLS students in the masters programs.

Please let us know if you plan on applying to any of the jobs below so that we can help you with your applications and/or find similar jobs to include in future newsletters.

NEW!!- For current students seeking work-study positions, VLS has a new online job board where work-study positions around campus will be posted! Check out Melody DeFlorio’s email sent out on August 1st or stop by the Financial Aid office for more information. (Just an FYI, students must be eligible for work-study to access the site.)

A note on where we find these jobs…

I have received a few questions regarding the sources and contact information for some of the job postings in this and past newsletters. I try to post enough information in this newsletter that you can “re-find” the posting or at least the organization even if it is not from the original source. We are also very willing to help you locate a job you see in this newsletter. However, in some cases if you do not act fast the posting may have expired or have been filled.

There are a number of ways that I receive and find the job descriptions I post. In most of these cases you can do exactly the same thing on your own. In fact, we encourage you to do so! Here are just a few of our methods and sources…

  • VLS Alums and friends send them to us
  • We actively solicit jobs from past or prospective employers (often these are summer or temporary opportunities with organizations we have a strong relationship with, but we get longer term or full time positions as well)
  • Employers seek us out (we have a “Post a job” button on the VLS website, and we also welcome employers sending us jobs directly via email)
  • We have “alerts” set up on several sites that will send us links to particular types of jobs
  • We actively search various job websites for interesting postings relevant to you (,,….)

–          We go directly to the websites of various governments, organizations, and businesses and check out their “join us”, “employment”, or “career” pages

Reminder: We post many of these and other jobs like them on Symplicity, our jobs database. All VLS students and Alums have access. Symplicity jobs are generally focused on internships and jobs requiring 0-5 years experience. You may access Symplicity via the Careers Portal on the VLS homepage. The database requires a login, which you should have received during your first semester, if you don’t have it or have misplaced it please let us know and we can email you another (please tell us if your email has changed).

Reminder:  Newsletters may also be accessed through our blog:   this is especially convenient for graduates who want to keep in touch.


Career Tip of the Week

3 Ways to Make Your Job Search More Proactive


When looking for a new job, many of us have a tendency to jump right to thinking about which specific positions you we’re interested in. But perhaps, this time around, it’s the right moment to try something different. Here are three actionable tips for targeting your job search by developing a list of target organizations to serve as the foundation for your search.

Build your target list

Start by asking yourself this simple question: “Which organizations are doing the work that I want to be a part of?”

Build a list of approximately 10-15 organizations that are within your area of interest. Of course, you’ll want to make sure that these organizations aren’t only of interest to you, but that they also fit your other needs—geographic limitations, benefits, or religious or political affiliations—as well. For advice on how to build your list, check out the “What’s Your Target Employer List.”

Pro Tip: Think about asking family, friends, classmates, or colleagues to review your target employer list. You may end up with some good pointers, or even a warm lead.

Research and connect

After creating your target list, your goal should be to learn more about each organization and see if you can secure a conversation with at least one current employee at each.

Finding out things like team structure, organizational growth potential, and job titles can play a crucial role in assessing potential opportunities. In order to spend a fair amount of time on each name on your list, try focusing your efforts a different organization each day for a week, and give yourself a break over the weekend!

To connect with an organization, begin by examining how to secure a conversation with someone who works there. Who do you already know at the organization? What about friends of friends? Former colleagues? For email templates to help with this outreach, check out some of the networking section in the article “13 Helpful Email Templates to Use While Job Searching.”

As you try to connect with people from your list of target organizations, your goal is to get more information and advice, not to ask for a job. If you lead with an ask, people may be defensive or dismissive because they aren’t the hiring manager and the conversation feels disingenuous. Instead, focus on building a connection and learning as much as possible about the organization. The goal here is to learn, not to land a job (not yet, anyway).

Pro Tip: As part of your research, connect with organizations related to your region’s economic development such as an economic development corporation or chamber of commerce. These places have a finger on the pulse of the local job markets. This can be a great way to anticipate which employers may be hiring due to expected growth in the short or long term. Here is a link to find your local chamber of commerce and a resource to identify similar economic development organizations in your state.

Follow up and revise

Once you connect to people in your target organizations, it’s important that you stay in touch. You can do this by adding a reminder in your phone to check in with them every four to five months or send them articles relevant to what you’ve discussed thus far, or that cover topics related to their work.

An easy way to stay in touch is to simply update them on how you are doing and ask how their quarter is going. It is always nice to reach out when you aren’t asking for something. For tips on staying connected check out “7 Tips to Up Your Digital Networking Game.”

Pro Tip: Set up Google Alerts that include the names of your target organizations so that you get an email when they are in the news. This will help you stay in touch with relevant information.

While you may have a plan for your search, make sure that it’s flexible. As you research and connect with your target organizations, it is likely you will uncover more organizations you are interested in pursuing. You’ll need to revisit your plan and strategy often to revise as needed.

Not only will the tips above make your search more effective, they will also re-energize your search through conversations and connections. Share some of your best tips for making your job search more proactive in the comments.


Job / Externship Postings of the Week

Jobs with Congress


Friends of the Winooski

Executive Director

Location: Home-based position (subject to change in the future)

Reports to: Board of Directors

Hours: ~ 3/4 time with seasonal variability; potential for full time

To Apply: Please provide a cover letter and resume (as a single PDF) with compensation requirements to by August 15, 2017. We anticipate interviewing candidates in late August to early September with a start date no later than mid-October. Direct any questions to this email address. No phone calls, please.

Friends of the Winooski River Mission

The mission of the Friends of the Winooski River is to safeguard and enhance the natural resources of the Winooski River watershed in harmony with its human communities. We pursue this mission through monitoring, restoration, partnerships, education, and outreach.

Watershed Background:

At 1080 square miles, the Winooski River watershed is the largest watershed in the Lake Champlain Basin. The main stem stretches 90 miles from Coits Pond in Cabot to Lake Champlain. It includes 12% of Vermont’s land area and one in three Vermonters lives in the Winooski watershed. The Winooski is as diverse as it is large. It includes steep, wooded valleys, rich agricultural land, ski resorts and Vermont’s most urbanized areas along with many small towns and villages. The watershed faces many challenges. It is still recovering from the extensive deforestation that occurred in the 1800 and 1900s. It has also been greatly impact by population growth, particularly as homes are built further into the country side. The river valley has been a transportation corridor for centuries and now includes an interstate, railroad and other infrastructure. Climate change brings new challenges.

Executive Director Role:

Our projects and events span the length of this diverse watershed, from its headwaters in Cabot to the mouth of the Winooski in Burlington. The Executive Director has overall responsibility for our programs, projects, and events. In addition to the ED, the Friends employs a part time Program Director.

The ED will coordinate planning and execution of projects, programs and events, as well as public messaging and communications, with the Program Director and the Board of Directors. Projects include riparian restoration and stewardship, water quality monitoring, habitat improvement, stormwater runoff assessment and abatement, and public education on watershed protection. The ED oversees and coordinates our annual events which involve several hundred participants and volunteers including the Onion River Race, the Pedal and Paddle, and the River of Light. The ED is also responsible for basic administration of the organization, including office management, all forms of fundraising such as grant writing, membership campaign and businesses sponsorship, and drafting and reviewing funder and vendor contracts. All Friends’ programs and projects are done in partnership with a wide range of entities.

The ideal candidate will have non-profit experience, be familiar with watershed and riparian protection, be comfortable interacting with municipal, state and federal officials, and able to approach private landowners with project proposals. The ED must be comfortable with field work such as riparian plantings and water quality monitoring. Communications skills include advocating for the Friends’ mission and the organization, representing the Friends’ at various meetings, providing content and editing contributed content for the newsletter, and basic social media. As the majority of the Friends’ projects and funding is grant-based, experience with the grant writing and management is essential. A strong preference will be given to candidates that live in or will relocate into the watershed. Strong personal knowledge of the watershed is critical to long term success in the role.

Job Duties & Responsibilities:

Identify, prioritize, and implement projects to restore and protect Winooski River watershed

  • Work with municipalities, other non-profits, State and Federal agencies and volunteers to implement projects.
  • Continue iterative planning, implementation and evaluation process as work is completed.
  • Identify and secure funding for projects
  • Work with municipal officials, boards, and staff to assist municipalities in improving their water resource protection policies and practices as well as implement projects.

Communications and Events

  • Write articles for newsletter and local newspapers.
  • Speak at other entities workshops and meetings
  • Coordinate publication of our e-newsletter(s).
  • Contact and network with affiliate organizations.
  • Organize Friends events – river based events as well as workshops and the annual dinner.
  • Maintain and develop the website and social media presence.
  • As needed, research issues and brief the Board and community
  • Develop and execute education programs.

Administration and organizational tasks

  • Implement and refine the fundraising plan to support current programs and new initiatives.
  • Identify, write, and oversee grants.
  • Work with the Board in expanding the active membership base.
  • Staff and maintain the office/phone/e-mail and answer correspondence.
  • Keep the financial records, pay bills, develop and manage budgets, file tax returns, manage payroll.
  • Work with accountant as needed.
  • Hire, monitor, and coordinate work of consultants and contractors.
  • Schedule and organize meetings, prepare agendas for Board and committees.


  • Bachelor’s degree required (MS preferred) in natural resources, environmental science, planning or related field
  • Project management experience including budget management and adherence to deadlines
  • Fundraising and grant writing experience required
  • Experience working with volunteers, environmental organizations, local, state and federal government entities, corporate executives and the occasional irate landowner
  • Computer literacy required; familiarity with GIS and web programs a plus.
  • Knowledge of watershed science and conservation is highly desirable.
  • Persistence and patience in identifying and developing projects and working with partners
  • Comfortable making decisions with less than complete knowledge
  • Knowledge of a shovel and how to use it will be necessary

Work Environment and Hours:

  • Home-based position
  • Field work in all seasons
  • Schools, public and governmental meetings
  • ~ ¾ time with seasonal variation; hours are flexible but must be available to partners, funders, staff and board
  • Evening meetings and occasional weekend work are part of this position


Interesting Company in California with several relevant jobs….


Executive Director

Waltham Fields Community Farm

Waltham, Massachusetts

Our Mission:

Waltham Fields Community Farm promotes local agriculture and food access through our farming operations and education programs, using practices that are socially, ecologically, and economically sustainable. We encourage healthy relationships between people, their food supply, and the land from which it grows.

Waltham Fields Community Farm (incorporated as Community Farms Outreach, Inc.) is a nonprofit farming organization focusing on food access and education. We produce organically-grown vegetables on 15 acres of leased land in Waltham and Weston, with 20% of our harvests dedicated to low-income households. Our largest source of revenue generation and community engagement is a 500-share community supported agriculture (CSA) program. We also run a Learning Garden and educational programs for children and youth, train farmers, and welcome volunteers, who provide over 3,000 hours of assistance each year. Our annual budget is approximately $725,000, which is funded by CSA shares, educational program tuition, grants from public agencies and private foundations, and donations. We have 7 year-round staff members and 12+ seasonal staff. Since our founding in 1995, we have grown from a small volunteer-run effort into a mature organization serving a variety of critical community needs, including mentorship and resource-sharing for new farms and farmers in the region.

The Executive Director (ED) has overall responsibility for implementing the goals of Waltham Fields Community Farm as expressed in its mission and strategic plan. The ED works closely with the staff and the Board of Directors, as well as with partner agencies, supporters, and the community at large. The ED is responsible for financial management, including fundraising, drafting and implementing the annual budget, staff development, and overseeing the administrative activities of the organization. The ED supervises the staff and is the liaison between the Board of Directors and the staff. The ED works with the staff to create and follow through on all programming.

The ideal candidate will have:

  • A passion and vision for community farming and farm-based education as an agent for social change
  • Leadership and strategic decision-making skills
  • A dynamic, flexible and creative approach to management
  • A record of fundraising success
  • Community outreach experience
  • Experience with non-profits
  • Budgeting/financial experience
  • Strong writing and public speaking skills

Salary: $55,000+ (commensurate with experience). Benefits include health and dental insurance, paid time off, retirement contributions after two full years, and a summer and winter vegetable share annually.

To Apply: Please send resume and letter of interest to Meg Ramsdell, for the Board of Directors: . Applications will be reviewed as they are received until the right candidate is found. Our preferred start date is September 1, 2017.


Economic Policy Internship, Fall 2017

Job Type

Research, Writing and Administrative


Competitive, commensurate with experience and performance. Incumbent earns $20/hr, plus expenses


Flexible; 20 hrs/week minimum


  • Research and writing on a range for economic policy issues including fiscal/tax policy, Dodd-Frank Act defense, infrastructure development, and work/wage issues, 75 percent
  • Tech, communications, scheduling/administrative support, 25 percent
  • Ideally suited for a student/entrepreneurial self-starter
  • Pay is hourly


A range of participants in the national economic policy making process, including legislators, academics, public interest groups, and progressive organizations engaged in economic policy legislative and political projects.


Dupont Circle, Washington, D.C.


  • Research and writing about timely economic policy events
  • Some scheduling management and administrative tasks/light IT support.
  • Occasional Hill events and hearing coverage
  • Manage contents of and access to economic policy webpage


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Ability to multitask, prioritize, and organize in a fast-paced environment, both independently and as part of a team
  • Excellent research, writing, and verbal communication skulls
  • General familiarity with fiscal, financial, and economic policy issues

Start Date

September 5, 2017

To apply, send a copy of your resume and a cover letter to:


New England Grassroots Environment Fund Fellowships

The Grassroots Fund seeks a Fellow to support the “RootsSkills” training program. RootSkills gives volunteer community leaders an opportunity to hear from fellow organizers allowing them to hone their skills and be inspired by hearing about amazing projects that can help community leaders take their work to the next level. The RootSkills program endeavors to present the work of a broad range of partner organizations that highlight trends, best practices and solutions-oriented tools. The Fellow will primarily work remotely with twice per month meetings and work sessions in the Boston office and a weekly check-in with a member of the RootSkills team.

The Fellow will have the opportunity to learn about the philanthropy sector as well as lead monthly trainings and meet community organizers from across New England. In addition, the Grassroots Fund will provide a stipend of $3,000.00 per semester (equivalent to $15/hour).

Read more about the position

Please submit your application (cover letter and resume) to:


Wildlife Protection Manager

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), the nation’s largest animal advocacy organization, is seeking a Wildlife Protection Manager for its Wildlife department. This position is responsible for providing scientific, policy and campaign expertise to advance protections for native carnivores.

This position will be responsible for:

Providing scientific, policy and general support on wildlife protection issues for the assigned section and assisting in the development of the organization’s message, goals, strategy and materials relating to assigned wildlife protection campaign;

Working with HSUS departments and affiliates to enact state and federal legislation and regulations to enhance wildlife protections, and defeating proposed state and federal legislation and regulations that repeal or reduce existing wildlife protections;

Creating and managing strategic coalitions and relationships with other organizations, advocates, legislators, and agencies, and tracking legislative and regulatory activity;

Developing and managing the creation of campaign materials, including LTEs, op-eds, reports, fact sheets, toolkits, and online and social media content;

Conducting media interviews, giving speeches, engaging in public debates, and other public-facing spokesperson roles to advance wildlife protection public policies;

Collaborating with HSUS State and Regional Directors to develop strategies and tactics to advance wildlife protection priorities in their states;

Building public support for policy priorities through grassroots engagement and the media;

Monitoring and understanding opposition publications, positions, and tactics;

Attending regularly scheduled meetings, preparing assigned reports and other administrative duties.


Bachelor’s Degree or higher in a political science, social/natural science or related field, or equivalent work experience required, Master’s degree is a plus;

Minimum three years’ experience in public policy advocacy and campaign implementation, public policy research, or legislative affairs;

Strong written and oral communication skills;

Strong research, advocacy, reading, analytical, and critical thinking skills;

Working knowledge of wildlife protection issues and the state and federal wildlife management infrastructure;

Working knowledge of local, state, and federal policymaking structure and legislative processes;

Proficient computer skills to include Microsoft Office, document organization, document and graphic creation and design, internet and online research tools;

Ability to exercise discretion, keeping in mind the confidential nature of some aspects of the work;

Maintain enthusiasm and strategic thinking to help drive priority issues and goals forward;

Excellent organizational, planning, and time management skills with demonstrated flexibility, and the ability to manage multiple and often changing priorities, while meeting time sensitive deadlines and deliverables;

Must be able to travel

Please submit a cover letter and resumé using this form or fax to 301-548-7701. This position is located in Gaithersburg, MD.


Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, marital or parental status or protected veteran status.




The reporting location for this position is the Southern Service Center located in San Diego. This position will work under the direction of the Supervising Landscape Architect and may work up to 1,500 hours per calendar year.

This position offers the opportunity to work in a dynamic environment with experienced biologists and numerous other disciplines (e.g., archaeologists, historians, GIS specialists, civil engineers, architects, landscape architects, interpreters, and others). Duties include construction monitoring, environmental compliance, applying for regulatory permits, biological surveys, report writing, mapping using GIS equipment and ArcGIS, and other tasks. Fieldwork assignments may require regular travel within San Diego County up through San Luis Obispo County, and may include coastal, mountain, or desert environments.

The following is desirable: Abilitity to work a flexible schedule that may include early morning, daytime, evening, or night work. Ability to travel by foot over uneven terrain in both daylight and nighttime conditions, and work in extremes of heat and cold. Ability to work independently and in small teams. Ability to collect and record quality field data, and prepare written reports. Field experience with wildlife and/or plants, with a focus on the southern portion of California (from San Luis Obispo County south and east to the borders). Working knowledge of standard biological principles, processes, and procedures. Knowledge of environmental laws/regulations and permitting. Ability to review and understand construction plans and specifications. Knowledge of, and experience with, various software programs (e.g., MS Office, GIS, database management) and GPS equipment for data collection, or the ability to learn new technology quickly. Strong analytical and research skills.

This position requires a valid California Drivers License. Applicant must be able to travel out of town for overnight, week long, and multiple week projects (state vehicles, lodging, and per diem are available).

Priority consideration will be given to any person receiving State public assistance under the CalWORKS program. Applicants who receive State public assistance need to identify their status as a CalWORKS recipient in the comments area on the application. Applicants must submit a verification of their CalWORKS eligibility status, which may include the most recent Notice of Action showing TANF eligibility or a copy of your last aid check stub. If verification is not submitted with the application, the application will not be processed. (Applicants may obtain verification from the CalWORKS program).


Email application to  Mail or hand deliver completed and signed application to Debbie Waldecker at 2797 Truxtun Rd., San Diego, CA 92106.

Application Instructions

Dates printed on Mobile Bar Codes, such as the Quick Response (QR) Codes available at the USPS, are not considered Postmark dates for the purpose of determining timely filing of an application.

Final Filing Date: 8/10/2017

This is a non-testing Classification, therefore, anyone meeting the Minimum Qualifications listed on the Classification Specification may apply for this position. Individuals in specific programs, such as the Welfare to Work Program, are encouraged to apply and will be given priority according to the applicable Laws and Rules. Please note on your application your current participation in these programs.

Applications will be screened and only the most qualified applicants will be selected for an interview.

Completed Examination/Employment Application (STD 678) and applicable or required documents must be submitted to apply for this Job Posting. A completed copy of the Application Package listing must be included, when submitting your application in hard copy.

Address for Mailing Application Packages

You may submit your application and any applicable or required documents to:

Department of Parks & Recreation

Attn: Debbie Waldecker

2797 Truxtun Rd.

San Diego, CA 92106

Required Application Documents

Please submit the following items with your application. Applicants who do not submit the required items timely may not be considered for this job:

State Examination/Employment Application STD Form 678. All Experience and Education relating to the Minimum Qualifications listed on the Classification Specification should be included to demonstrate how you meet the Minimum Qualifications for the position.

Resume is optional. It may be included, but is not required.

Applicants requiring reasonable accommodations for the hiring interview process must request the necessary accommodations if scheduled for a hiring interview. The request should be made at the time of contact to schedule the interview. Questions regarding reasonable accommodations may be directed to the EEO contact listed on this job posting.

Contact Information

The Hiring Unit Contact is available to answer questions regarding the position or application process.

Department Website:

Hiring Unit Contact:

Debbie Waldecker

(619) 221-7073


Watershed Management Specialist (Drinking Water Treatment)

Spartanburg, SC, United States of America

Under general supervision, performs work activities related to permitting (except boats), buffer management, watershed outreach and related programs. Performs other related duties to include preparing related correspondence, maintaining data/data bases, analyzing trends in compliance, preparing information for classification, permitting and enforcement activities, participates in outreach programs as directed. Reports to the Watershed Management Coordinator.

Job Skills / Requirements

Ensures the protection of water quality of the system by administering the Buffer Management Plan and educating the public. Conducts all aspects of the land permitting programs (LAP, dock, shoreline stabilization, vegetation, etc.) Monitors/inspects the buffer and other sites to ensure compliance with the BMP, Policies and Procedures, regulations of SWS, local, State, and Federal laws as appropriate. Inspects activities within the buffer and on the reservoirs for adequacy, operation and… [more]

Education Requirements (All)

Bachelors Degree in Environmental Science, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, or other related field

Additional Information / Benefits

Requires a bachelors degree in Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Science, Engineering or an equivalent scientific area with a minimum of one to two years experience dealing with an Watershed Management program; or any equivalent combination of education and experience that provides the required knowledge, skills and abilities. Must possess a valid driver’s license.

Benefits: Medical Insurance, Life Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, Paid Vacation, Paid Sick Days, Paid Holidays, Short Term Disability, Long Term Disability, 401K/403b Plan, Pension/Retirement, Educational Assistance

Screening Requirements: Motor Vehicle, Drug Screen, Criminal Background Check, Physical Exam


Northern Vermont Regional Field Manager

Posted by The Permanent Fund dba Let’s Grow Kids and Vermont Birth to Five

Full Time




19 Marble Avenue, Suite 4

Burlington, Vermont 05401

United States


Role of the Regional Field Manager

This is an opportunity to join a timely and historic effort to create change on an issue that’s quickly rising to the forefront of public consciousness: early childhood. The Let’s Grow Kids team is a smart, energetic and fun group of people who are passionate about their work and fully committed to the campaign’s mission. Our workplace is located in the heart of Burlington’s South End Arts District and is an open and collaborative space. If you enjoy a fast-paced, team-based, dynamic work environment and a down-to-earth social atmosphere, this is the place for you.

Let’s Grow Kids is hiring a field manager to cover the northern region of Vermont, including Franklin, Grand Isle, Orleans and Essex Counties. Candidates from this region are encouraged to apply; there may be opportunity for some telecommuting.

The primary role of the field manager is to engage key stakeholders in local communities throughout Vermont in order to educate and mobilize community members in support of young children. Primary job duties will include identifying supporters, recruiting and training volunteers, planning and running events, developing leaders, supervising a part-time field organizer, and tracking supporter engagement within our database system. The field manager will join the campaign’s team that includes field, communications, policy and research, business outreach, the campaign director and deputy director, and an office manager. The field manager works under the supervision of the campaign’s co-field directors.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Identify supporters through campaign outreach activities that include tabling at existing community events such as county fairs, farmers’ markets, parades, wellness fairs, etc.
  • Conduct one-on-one or small group meetings with key stakeholders to identify and cultivate support.
  • Coordinate and support Let’s Grow Kids Action Teams.
  • Supervise and support a locally-based, part-time field organizer who works up to 10 hours per week.
  • Collaborate with our statewide partners in planning, creating and conducting public outreach events such as community forums, public speaking opportunities, door-to-door conversations, online activities, etc.
  • Support volunteers in their outreach activities by delivering materials, providing one-on-one or small group trainings, coordinating logistics, etc.
  • Identify and follow-up with potential volunteers about opportunities.
  • Train and cultivate supporters to be leaders through our Action Team network.
  • Recruit volunteers via phone and email to support priority campaign initiatives and activities, such as letter-to-the-editor campaigns, direct action events, volunteer at events or phone banking, etc.
  • Accurately track the engagement of supporters and volunteers in our database.
  • Work with other campaign staff on various projects.
  • Attend important regional events or meetings.
  • Meet quarterly and yearly field goals.
  • Provide weekly reports to the field director.


Position Qualifications:

  • High School diploma required, bachelor’s degree preferred.
  • Strong attention to accuracy and detail a must.
  • Candidates must have excellent writing skills and strong verbal communication skills and be able to work directly with campaign staff and volunteers.
  • Candidate should be very self-motivated and able to work independently and take initiative.
  • Demonstrated ability to work well under pressure, ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously and manage work under tight deadlines.
  • Applicants must be proficient with basic software—Word, Outlook, Excel—and be able to learn new software and database management skills.
  • Must have reliable transportation and be willing to travel across the state.
  • Some nights and weekends required.
  • Experience with organizing either on a political, labor, or issue-based campaign preferred.


Please submit resume and cover letter to Elizabeth Wareing at and include at least three references.


Communications Coordinator for Latin America, Environmental Issues

Posted by Burness

Full Time

PUBLISHED: 07/12/2017




United States


Burness, rated by Washingtonian Magazine and the Washington Post as one of the best places to work in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area, is seeking a communications coordinator to join its global practice, supporting our Latin America and environment team on human rights and land rights issues of Indigenous Peoples and deforestation and environmental issues. We are looking for a creative, detail-oriented person who is passionate about communications and global development.

Burness is a public relations firm serving nonprofit organizations around the world. Since 1986, we have sought to empower people with information that can be used to improve the human condition and advance social change. We do so recognizing that caring for others starts with modeling our own caring environment—one where all employees are valued and respected for their particular talents and contributions, welcomed into the process of company decision-making, and supported in their personal and professional dreams.


Education, experience, technical skills and competencies:

BA/BS (Communications, International Relations or International Development preferred)

One year of work experience

Fluency in Spanish required

Mastery of Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PPT, are necessary; experience with Outlook a plus)

Experience working in social justice or environment issues

International travel or living experience is a plus (in Latin America, Africa or Southeast Asia preferred)

Communications and/or event coordination experience is a plus

Knowledge of Mailchimp, social media advertising and basic HTML code is a plus

Personal attributes and competencies:

Self-motivated and thrives in a team environment

Highly organized and detail-oriented

Possesses desire to learn and excel in a high performance, fast-paced environment

Able to multi-task and meet deadlines in multiple time zones


Landscape tracking to see how an issue or organization is covered, in addition to fast-acting research on news stories, journalists and issues in the news related to the environment and Indigenous Peoples issues

Daily production of accurate notes from meetings under deadline

Writing short-form documents, including emails directed to journalists, and proposals

Finding the right journalists to cover our stories through solid media list research using phone calls, web searches, media databases and social media

Supporting team members in planning events and field visits in Latin America

Media monitoring to track coverage and social media pick-up of client work and writing and compiling reports on impact of press outreach efforts

Contacting journalists for media promotions through email, phone and twitter

Supporting team members in researching and fact-checking media outreach materials

Coordinating and conducting electronic distributions of press releases, media advisories and other written materials

Providing administrative support to the team as necessary. This includes scheduling meetings, researching travel, updating media data bases and processing travel expenses.

In the forestry-environment arena, we’ve helped to elevate the issue of deforestation and stopping deforestation as a key solution to climate change through the release of dozens of reports, organizing events at the major climate change meetings, and op-eds.

Burness offers excellent benefits, four weeks paid vacation, including tuition assistance for professional development and a friendly, collegial working environment. Salary range is 45K—55K. Send resumes and a cover letter (one-page each max) ASAP to No phone calls please.


Send resumes and a cover letter (one-page each max) ASAP to No phone calls please.


Burness offers excellent benefits, four weeks paid vacation, including tuition assistance for professional development and a friendly, collegial working environment. Salary range is 45K—55K.


Fluency in Spanish


Entry level


4-year degree


Administrative Assistant B

Job ID: 621812

Location: Montpelier

Temporary Part-time

Hourly Rate:


Deadline: 08/06/2017

Department: Attorney General’s Office

This temporary position, Administrative Assistant B, (Job Opening # 621812), is open to all State employees and external applicants.

If you would like more information about this position, please contact Kate Gallagher at

This is a temporary position. Temporary work is typically for variable hours, and is not expected to be full-time. The State does not guarantee 40 hours of work per week.

Please note that multiple positions in the same work location may be filled from this job posting.

Resumes will not be accepted via e-mail. You must apply online to be considered.


The Administrative Assistant B will perform work for the Civil Division of the Attorney General’s Office, working collaboratively with a team of attorneys, paralegals and other assistants. The Assistant will review and code documents for use in a complex securities and consumer fraud case. The preferred candidate will be able to gain a general understanding of the case and its legal elements and have the ability to code documents accurately and quickly.

General Job Description

Complex administrative work as an assistant to a department or division manager. Positions in this class differ from lower level administrative assistants in amount of authority and accountability for work performed, leeway for independent action and functioning for the position’s supervisor in that person’s absence. Assigned duties are generally of a more complex technical/professional level. Where clerical or secretarial duties exist, class incumbents generally have substantial supervisory duties. Work is performed under the supervision of an administrative superior, but with need for significant interaction with other division or department staff, and outside service providers.

To view the full job specification for this position, please visit the DHR Job

Minimum Qualifications

Education and Experience:

Bachelor’s degree.


Associate’s degree and one year providing administrative-level duties for a project, program, or operation;


High school graduation or equivalent and two years performing administrative-level duties for a project, program, or operation.

Administrative duties are those beyond general clerical or secretarial, such as interpretation of laws, rules and regulations; data collection and analysis; managing support services; and implementing program policies and procedures.


Environmental Analyst IV AC: General

Job ID: 621761

Location: Montpelier

Full/Part Time: Full-Time

Hourly Rate:23.040000

Position Number:660109



Environmental Conservation

This position, Environmental Analyst IV (Job Opening #621761), is open to all State employees and external applicants.

If you would like more information about this position, please contact Rodney Pingree at

Please note that multiple positions in the same work location may be filled from this job posting.

Resumes will not be accepted via e-mail. You must apply online to be considered.


This position is in the Drinking Water and Groundwater Protection Division. The specific job duties are education, outreach and technical assistance to enhance groundwater protection for existing municipal water systems and for potential future municipal water systems. Some specific duties would include evening meetings with town officials, water system operators, town and regional planners, assisting with revising town plans and zoning regulations to better protect the significant recharge areas of groundwater, evaluating contamination risks of current and future land use activities to the water supply and identifying the best ways to minimize risks associated with them, and assistance with developing Source Protection Plans that are more active in their protective efforts.

General Job Description

Planning, analytical and administrative work at an advanced professional level for the Department of Environmental Conservation. Duties involve complex tasks in the technical review and analysis of environmental policies, programs, activities and data in a variety of regulatory, non-regulatory, scientific, and engineering programs. Work involves considerable independence in completing work assignments and greater responsibility and accountability than lower level analyst work. May provide project or program oversight and/or supervise program staff or provide expertise in a specialized technology or program element which is not duplicated in the Department. Work is performed under the general direction of a higher-level technical or administrative superior.

To view the full job specification for this position, please view the DHR Job Specification page.

Preferred Qualifications

Proficient at:

Effective public speaking

Communicating technical information in layman’s terms

Understanding groundwater movement

Analyzing subsurface contaminant movement

Development of municipal planning or zoning

Understanding government regulations

Leveraging available resources to achieve goals

Development of Source Protection Plans

Preferred education:

Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in geology or municipal planning

Preference will be given to individuals that have experience and are skilled in geologic interpretation, communication and municipal planning.

Minimum Qualifications


Bachelor’s degree in a biological-life or physical science, engineering, or an environmental or natural resources field AND four (4) years or more at a professional level in an environmental or natural resources field.


Master’s degree or higher in an environmental or natural resources field AND two (2) years or more at a professional level in an environmental or natural resources field.


Two (2) years or more as an Environmental Analyst III.


Natural Resources Board District Coordinator

Job ID: 621842

Location: Essex Jct

Full/Part Time: Full-Time

Hourly Rate: 31.060000

Posting Date: 07/27/2017

Pay Grade: 28

Deadline: 08/13/2017

Natural Resources Board

This position, Natural Resources Board District Coordinator (Job Opening #621842), is open to all State employees and external applicants.

If you would like more information about this position, please contact Kimberley Lashua at

Please note that multiple positions in the same work location may be filled from this job posting.

Resumes will not be accepted via e-mail. You must apply online to be considered.


The Natural Resources Board (NRB) Act 250 seeks a high-level thinker and absolute professional, with a track record of assimilating vast quantities of information with complete integrity. This is an Act 250 District Coordinator position. The average length of service of our Act 250 District Coordinators is twenty-five years.

We are a small, dedicated team of professionals, with a strong work ethic, who are committed to serving Vermonters through the laws of Act 250. We share the outcome for a better future by protecting the environment, and encouraging economic prosperity through smart growth development.

To work with us, you must be accountable in all actions, able to grasp complex concepts quickly, and possess superior communication skills. You are familiar with the responsibilities of the administration of law, especially in the areas of the environment, land use and development. To serve Vermont as an NRB Coordinator is to put a public face on Act 250. This requires a quiet confidence, consistency of judgment and a focus on being authentic across all interactions. This position supports a District Commission, and works in coordination with the priorities of the senior leadership team. District Coordinators may undertake shared work with colleagues and play a key role in implementing the long-range vision of Act 250. The position requires extensive work with the public, and a proven ability to work well in a diverse range of situations is essential.


The ideal candidate prepares detailed reports, understands engineering plans, and is completely computer literate. Public administration experience is desirable. Site visits are frequently required and may occur in all types of weather and in various terrains. Work is performed under the general supervision of the Natural Resources Board Executive Director. This position supports the Act 250 District 4 Commission and is located in Essex, Vermont.

General Job Description

Class Definition: Administrative, technical, advisory and coordinating work for a District Environmental Commission of the state Natural Resources Board (NRB) involving the granting and administering of land use permits under Act 250. Work is performed under the general supervision of the Natural Resources Board Executive Director.


To view the full job specification for this position, please visit the DHR Job Specification page.

Minimum Qualifications


Bachelor’s degree or higher in public administration, natural resources or related field and three (3) year’s work experience involving land use planning, environmental conservation, as a para-legal, or in permit administration and enforcement.


Two (2) years of graduate coursework in public administration, law, natural resources or a related field and one (1) year of work experience, involving land use planning, environmental conservation, as a para-legal, or in permit administration and enforcement.




Total Compensation

As a State employee you are offered a great career opportunity, but it’s more than a paycheck. The State’s total compensation package features an outstanding set of employee benefits that are worth about 30% of your total compensation, including:

80% State paid medical premium

Dental Plan at no cost for employees and their families

Flexible Spending healthcare and childcare reimbursement accounts

Two ways to save for your retirement: A State defined benefit pension plan and a deferred compensation 457(b) plan

Work/Life balance: Flexible schedules, 11 paid holidays each year and a generous leave plan

Low cost group life insurance

Tuition Reimbursement

Incentive-based Wellness Program

Qualified Employer for Public Service Student Loan Forgiveness Program

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Town of Waitsfield, VT’s Available Position

Employer Name: Town of Waitsfield, VT

Contact Person and Title: Heather Law, Municipal Research and Information Association Street

Phone Number: 802-262-1944

E-mail Address:


Job Type: permanent

Position Title: Town Administrator, Waitsfield, Vermont

Opening for:



Recent Graduate

Admitted Attorney

Describe the Position: TOWN ADMINISTRATOR

The Town of Waitsfield is seeking a highly motivated, organized, and engaging individual for the position of Town Administrator. The Town Administrator assists the five-member selectboard with administering the town’s operating budget, supervising six employees, and overseeing all other aspects of personnel, finances, and public works.

Waitsfield (pop. 1,719) is a vibrant community located in the heart of the Mad River Valley, surrounded by spectacular natural beauty and ho

Requirements for The Position

Briefly describe the Firm or Organization:

Salary: 55,000

Deadline Date: 08/25/17

Contact Method:

(If students are applying directly how would the employer prefer to be contacted/receive applications.)


Materials you wish to receive


Cover Letter

List of References


Assistant General Manager

Hedgerow Farms Inc.

Location: Winters, California


Position Overview: This position is responsible for working closely with other staff to ensure all activities and customer needs are handled efficiently, accurately and completed in a timely manner. We are looking for someone who excels in creating a positive customer relationship and is excited to be a part of a highly respected small business that serves a wide range of clients in the restoration, re-vegetation and landscape fields. The Assistant General Manager will be responsible for supporting all activities associated with the sales of our products.

About Hedgerow Farms, Inc.:

Hedgerow Farms, Inc. is a well-known and recognized seed production farm specializing in growing California native grasses and wildflowers. We are committed to providing high quality seed and have been at the forefront of providing regional and site-specific seeds to our customers. We work with a variety of clients including government agencies, non-profits, individual landowners, contractors and homeowners. We have over 400 acres under cultivation and have an inventory including over 100 species. We also provide small native transplants, native straw, contract growing of seed and transplants, and custom seed cleaning. The farm is a vertically integrated operation. Planting, harvesting, seed cleaning, seed storage, marketing, sales and delivery are all handled on the farm. We currently have 11 permanent employees including office and field staff.

Main responsibilities include:

-Assist Sales Manager with customer needs

-Communicate with a wide variety of customers including government agencies, contractors, non-profits, restoration contractors, researchers, landowners and homeowners.

-Answer phones, emails and faxes

-Assist with processing bid requests for seed mixes

-Assist with processing orders (paperwork, labels, shipping, etc.)

-Assure orders are correct and assisting clients when they pickup

-Track contract seed increase projects throughout production

-Keep key documents up to date/data entry

-Update and track changes in seed inventory, field maps, growing plan, and other documents

-Work with farm staff to keep track of information as seeds are planted, harvested, cleaned, tested and stored

-Process seed tests

-Send out seed samples, track testing status, input final seed test data into key documents

-Assist with marketing

-Promote Hedgerow Farms through via advertising, our website, social media, publication of fliers and articles

-Maintain and update customer information

-Draft and email newsletters

-Assist with holiday mailings

-Assist with coordinating tours and events at the farm

-Coordinate sponsoring and signing staff up for conferences and events


We are looking for someone with a strong work ethic, experience and interested in habitat restoration and excellent organizational and critical thinking skills.

Required qualifications:

-Strong computer skills with working knowledge of Excel, Word, Power Point, and the ability to quickly learn new programs for marketing and management strategies

-Ability to multi-task in a busy work environment

-Strong writing and communication skills

-Ability to communicate with staff, clients, and other parties with a wide range of backgrounds, motivations and interests.

-College degree in a relevant field

-Experience in ecological restoration, botany, horticultural and/or agricultural practices

Preferred qualifications:

-Fluent in, or have working knowledge of, Spanish

Please send a cover letter and resume to Patrick Reynolds, General Manager, at female wrestling

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