IEE Fortnightly – Fall Classic Edition

Greetings from the Eaton House,

As temperatures drop, members of the Energy Justice research team are realizing the immediate value of their work, as they investigate how energy efficiency programs can help combat energy poverty in Vermont.

Our director Michael Dworkin just returned from Pittsburgh where he was sitting on a panel for the Carnegie Mellon Electricity Industry Center, evaluating reports and presentations by their faculty and PhDs on energy systems topics and methods.

And as you read this today, a group of Energizers are touring some VELCO facilities, including the command room. Very cool. What else is going on at the Institute?

Road trip to Cambridge

A group of nine Energizers and friends carpooled and caravanned down to Cambridge last weekend to attend MIT’s Energy Night and then the Energy Symposium hosted by the Energy & Environment Club at Harvard Business School. Vermont Law School was well represented in the lectures and panels, and the new IEE vests arrived just in time for our team to show them off while networking with all the energy industry leaders in attendance.

Drafting Bills for New Hampshire

When New Hampshire State Representative Lee Oxenham decided to bring community solar governance issues to the state legislature, she reached out to the Community Solar team here at IEE to help her draft it. The team, which includes Energy Clinicians Gregg Freeman, Heather Huebner, and Austin Cheeley and is lead by Deputy Director Kevin Jones and Laura Schieb, has sent over a draft, and Rep. Oxenham’s staff is currently reviewing it. Hopefully we’ll see an IEE-drafted bill introduced to the NH House sometime soon!

Wall Street Journal cites IEE

In a recent article about Entergy’s plans to shut down the Pilgrim Nuclear Plant in Plymouth, MA, the Wall Street Journal cited the Institute’s research on the economic vulnerability of nuclear plants nationwide.

If you don’t have a subscription, here’s the relevant bit:

Three dozen reactors, or nearly a third of the U.S. nuclear power fleet, are at risk of early closure because of unfavorable economics, according to the Institute for Energy and the Environment at the Vermont Law School. [Link)

Energizer Alumni Getting Published

We’re thrilled to report that recent VLS/Energizer grads Emily Laine and Matthew Kryman have been published, alongside former Energy Fellow Ben Sovacool. Their article, which opens with a really great hook about exploding phone booths, is about risk and disasters in energy conversion and infrastructure. In other words, it’s a scholarly take on how energy can kill you, and how we can best manage the risk. Check it out in this October’s edition of the Energy 90 journal, or in the attached PDF.

Sovacool, BK, M Kryman, E Laine. “Profiling technological failure and disaster in the energy sector: A comparative analysis of historical energy accidents,” Energy 90 (October, 2015), pp. 2016-2027.

And, we’ll get you outta here on this…behold your future VLS community solar project on Gee Hill Road:
Panels arrive next week. According to Energizer Aaron Kelly of Tunbridge Solar, who is building the project, they’ve already pulled over a mile of conduit and twelve miles (!!!) of wire. Can you tell we’re proud?

Until next time,

The Energizers

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