IEE Fortnightly – Peak Foliage Edition

Greetings from the Eaton House,

First, IEE would like to echo others’ support and enthusiasm for the newly-formed student Energy Law Society. If you are interested in energy law and policy, the Energy Law Society provides a great opportunity to get involved. If you’d like to get on the society’s email list, you can email Josie Maressa: General meetings will be the first Thursday of every month at 4pm.

You can find and like the Energy Law Society on Facebook:

And here’s a photo from the inaugural meeting, courtesy of Global Energy Fellow Mark James:

In our last note we introduced the clinic. This week, meet the teams of student research associates.

SunShot Project

The SunShot Plug-and-Play Solar PV team is providing analysis and support to Fraunhofer CSE on their DOE-funded project to develop a solar PV panel that can be adhered to asphalt roofs. The SunShot team is working to reduce the soft costs of installing rooftop solar modules: permit fees, testing requirements, and connection procedures, that can impede installation. The current focus is on streamlining utility interconnection processes with greater access to information and fewer administrative requirements, all while maintaining the safety and reliability of the electrical grid.​
Research Associates Kelsey Bain, Ashleigh Krick, Leif Rasmussen, and David Sloan are working on the SunShot Project, which is lead by Global Energy Fellow Mark James.
Energy and Justice Project

The Energy and Justice Project is developing a report regarding energy efficiency and its role in combating fuel poverty in the state of Vermont, with an emphasis on the residential sector. In particular the Project is looking at how to fill the energy efficiency gap and how to combating fuel poverty by tackling problems such as split incentives, consumers behavior and legislators decision making process.
Research Associates Emily Duff, Mackenzie Landa, Arne Limberry, Caleb Roebuck, and Georgina Salcido are working on the Energy and Justice Project, which is lead by Global Energy Fellow Roxanna Mastor.

Climate and Energy Decision Making
The Climate and Energy Decision Making team is currently editing an article about how to convey scientific uncertainty. The article posits that the use of legal terms, more familiar to the public than scientific terms, can better convey the message that that scientists are actually trying to get across. The thinking is inspired by an article by Charlie Weiss, who proposed an 11-point scale on how to express scientific uncertainty in layman terms. The team is also working with Carnegie Mellow to submit a grant proposal to the National Science Foundation for research about the use of the terms “force majeure” and “act of god” in contacts in the age of extreme weather driven at least in part by anthropogenic climate change.
Research Associates Jeffrey Caesar, Michael Gann, Flora Ji, and Lori LaPorta are working on the CEDM team, which is lead by Director Michael Dworkin.

Smart Grid-Electric Battery
The primary task for the smart grid team this year is to research and write a book about the battery and what role electricity storage will play in a low-carbon future. Institute Deputy Director Kevin Jones is leading a team of three students — co-authors
Sara Barnowski, Matthew Roche, and Ben Jervey — through the research, writing and publishing process. The Electric Battery: Charging Forward to a Low-Carbon Future will be published by Praeger in late 2016 or early 2017.

Those are your IEE research teams. We’ll be covering the work of each in more detail in coming weeks, so stay tuned. 

Until next time, 
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