IEE Fortnightly – Post Peak Edition

VELCO-finalGreetings from the Eaton House,

Last Friday, a group of more than a dozen Energizers paid a visit to the VELCO (Vermont Electric Power Company). In a visit described by students as “incredibly valuable to my learning,” “remarkably impressive,” and “mind-blowing”,  the group toured a substation (pictured below), the command room, and various other facilities, while learning from VELCO officials about the physical realities of the grid.

VELCO’s incredibly busy top management spent over 3 hours with our student group, and the substation and line team spent hours more. The VELCO site visit is becoming one of IEE’s most popular annual traditions.

One student’s comments reflect the awe felt by many while considering the reality of VELCO’s work: “One moment that stands out the most for me was being inside the control room, the screen of that magnitude really brought to life the fact that VELCO transmits to 17 utilities in the state. It was truly mind blowing the level of responsibility VELCO has to supply energy for so many residents.”

What else is happening at the Institute?

Grow Compost Site Visit for Anaerobic Digester Project

grow_compost_3The Energy Clinic’s Anaerobic Digester team was joined by a couple of other interested Energizers for a site visit to Grow Compost up in Moretown. As reported in earlier editions of Fortnightly, the clinic team is working with Aegis Renewable Energy, Grow Compost, and Avatar Energy to research Vermont’s regulatory structure for food-waste fueled anaerobic digesters, and to help address some key challenges of how to best utilize the liquid byproduct.

Presentation on Metal Poisonings in Drinking Water

Dr. Seth Frisbee and Dr. Erika Mitchell, both researchers in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Norwich University, came to the Eaton House Tuesday morning to give a presentation on the tragic “mass poisoning” of heavy metals that is plaguing the planet. They explained how inorganic toxic substances like manganese, molybdenum, and mercury — often unleashed by fossil fuel combustion for energy or steel production — are polluting drinking water all around the world  Drs. Frisbee and Mitchell solicited advice from the Institute staff and students about outreach to the World Health Organization, and potential legal solutions for the ongoing environmental disaster.

Energy Law Society’s Energy Tip of the Fortnight!

We’re introducing a new feature to the newsletter. It’s no secret that plenty of Energizers are members of the Energy Law Society, and so the Institute is proud to share these energy savings tips to our fellow Swans as the cold, energy-intensive months of winter fast approach. Without further delay, from our friends at the Energy Law Society:

Even though we have amazing weather this week, it’s important to think about buttoning up our homes for the winter. Not only will we save money, we’ll also save energy! Here is the first of a series of energy savings tips:

Dust off furnaces, radiators, baseboard heaters, and duct openings: keeping these spaces clear improves their efficiency and allows the heat to reach your space faster.

Until next time,

The Energizers


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