IEE Fortnightly – Premiere Edition

Note: We send out biweekly updates to the VLS community about the goings-on at the Institute. We will re-post them here for posterity. 

Greetings from the Eaton House!

This note represents the first in a biweekly update of what’s happening “across the street” at the Institute for Energy and the Environment. I’m writing as the new Climate and Energy Media Fellow at the Institute, and one of my charges will be to send along these updates every couple of weeks.

First, the numbers:

This Fall, IEE is bringing on six new researchers and fellows from the field of LLM and Masters students. In addition to the 2Ls and 3Ls already on the team, this brings the Energizer team to a total of 26 — that’s 22 student researchers and 4 fellows.

Meet the four fellows:

  • Mark James returns as a Global Energy Fellow while he pursues an LLM in Energy Law.
  • Roxana-Andreea Mastor joins us from Romania as a Global Energy Fellow while she pursues her LLM in Energy Law.
  • Laura Schieb received her JD from VLS in 2014 and is back to pursue an LLM in Energy Law and serve as a Global Energy Fellow with the Energy Clinic.
  • Ben Jervey joins IEE as Climate and Energy Media Fellow for two years while pursuing a MERL part time.

(Longer bios for all the fellows and the research team are here.)

More great reviews of Global Energy Justice

Two prestigious journals have recently published very positive reviews of Global Energy Justice, the book published last year by Michael Dworkin and then-IEE Fellow Benjamin Sovacool.

Here’s Bregje Van Veelen in Environmental Politics:

Their whole-systems approach has left the authors with a formidable task. It is testament to their skills and understanding of the topic that they have succeeded in transforming an inherently complex system into a comprehensive analysis…
The authors’ interdisciplinary approach is clear throughout. They seamlessly weave together technological data on energy sources with philosophical discussions on different notions of justice in a way that makes it accessible to a wide range of audiences, taking care to explain key scientific and philosophical concepts. As little prior knowledge is assumed, the book would be highly suitable as a textbook for courses on energy issues…

the book’s breadth means it is a very valuable resource to introduce readers to the concept of energy justice. It is a welcome and important contribution that can expand the scope and reach of this emerging field.

And Richard York in Nature Climate Change:

In Global Energy Justice, Benjamin Sovacool and Michael Dworkin highlight the importance of the ethical issues surrounding decisions about energy sources and systems, as well as the environmental consequences of these decisions. They develop and explicate ‘energy justice’ as a concept and a tool to help clarify what is at stake with decisions about energy use and who benefits from — and are harmed by — the decisions that are made. Their overall goal is to show how justice theory can help us make decisions about energy.

Both reviews are also attached as PDFs.

Woody Biomass report released

You probably already saw the great press release sent out by the Communications Office already, but in case you missed it: The IEE just released a new report, “Woody Biomass: The Path Toward a Sustainable Use of Vermont’s Forests.” The report was funded by the Vermont Public Service Department and supported by the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources through the Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation. A number of students contributed directly to this report, and it was a great opportunity for the Energizers to produce something that we know will be used in the policy process. Check out the report here.

Expect some more exciting news in a couple of weeks. Until next time.
-The Energizers

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