Survey says . . .

As the U.S. negotiators return from Bonn today with their nationally determined contributions (NDCs) homework in hand, a recent Gallup poll informs the Obama Administration’s political task.

Its conclusion:  “Most Americans believe global warming’s effects will occur during their lifetimes, though this sentiment is no higher than it was 17 years ago, and is down from a peak of 75% in 2008. At the same time, although Americans largely do not view global warming as a likely threat to their way of life, they are more likely to believe this now than in the 1990s.”

Trend: Expectations for Global Warming During Lifetime

There are variations by age and party affiliation, with younger voters and Democrats more likely to believe that global warming will occurr and affect their way of life.  It’s for this reason that this Gallup official thinks that the Senate’s recent climate change all-nighter (brainchild of the Senate’s new Climate Action Task Force) was a smart political move.  Funny, it occurred on the eve of the ADP’s meeting start.  In fact, given the five-hour time difference, I watched the morning shift speakers on CSPAN finish up the speaking marathon while climate change negotiators from around the world gave their opening remarks at the ADP plenary.