US-China Climate Change Deal

The New York Times reported tonight on a “landmark agreement” announced by President Obama and US CHina emissions graphPresident Xi Jinping at the end of the Pacific Rim conference taking place in Beijing.  This bilateral climate change agreement includes new U.S. targets for carbon emissions reductions and a first-ever commitment by China to stop its emissions from growing by 2030.  The United States agreed to emit 26-28% less carbon in 2025 than in 2005 while China pledged to reach peak carbon emissions before or by 2030, relying on solar and wind energy to provide 20% of its total energy production.  As the world’s two largest emitters of GHG emissions, this new agreement could prove critical for moving the COP20 negotiations forward in Lima.  As one senior Obama administration official put it, “The United States and China have often been seen as antagonists. We hope that this announcement can usher in a new day in which China and the U.S. can act much more as partners.” For more, read here.