UPDATE: India signals Oct. 2 ratification of Paris Agreement

thediplomat_2015-01-28_13-37-24-386x253Yesterday’s edition of the New Indian Express reported Prime Minister Modi’s announcement that India will ratify the Paris Agreement on October 2.

Not only is this ratification timed to celebrate the anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi’s birth, but it will come in ahead of the EU’s fast track ratification date of October 7.  While this newspaper says that India contributes 4.5% of global GHG emissions, this official UNFCCC list appended to the COP21 decision puts it at 4.1%. Regardless, with the current official Paris Agreement ratification tracker at 61 Parties and 47.79% of global GHGs, India’s ratification is not enough to reach the double threshold of 55 Parties and 55% of emissions. But at almost 52% of emissions with India’s ratification, there’s now a clear opening for another single country to step in before the EU between October 2 and 7.  Maybe Japan (3.79%) or the Russian Federation (7.53%) will claim the honor?

UPDATE: It’s a wrap! India deposited its instrument of ratification with the U.N. yesterday, making it the 62nd country to do so this year. Ratifying countries now represent 51.89% of total global greenhouse gas emissions, just a shade more than 3% shy of the 55% entry into force threshold.