Coaland and the Colossal Fossil


A true consensus government, the COP leaves the most progressive at the mercy of the most obstinate. In this system, science deniers and climate activists battle it out, yielding ground, gaining concessions, and, often, feeling like they’ve gotten nowhere. As the world burns and our chances to halt the irreversible slip through our fingers, every…
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Fake it ‘til you make it: faux meat and climate change


If it tastes like a burger, and bleeds like a burger, it must be . . . plant-based protein? At least that’s the outcome fake-meat innovators like Impossible Burger are striving for: a meatless burger that captures the textures and flavors of meat to whet the appetite of even the staunchest carnivores. In fact, the fake meat industry’s approach…
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The “Uhn”

  After COP 15, the level of frustration is so high many people are asking whether this process is worth the billions of dollars and energy going into it. The best overused quote of the conference so far: “A little less conversation, a little more action” – Elvis.  


United Nations Youth Associations, including girl scouts are selling earths.  In addition to their auctioneering skills, they have awesome tee-shirts like “You have been negotiating my entire life.” 


I wasn’t planning on blogging about the Thanksgiving Holiday portion of my stay in Cancun, but a couple things are worth mentioning. Security: I expected to see some M16s. I did not expect a Destroyer