Popular reaction to the Chemical Safety Improvement Act of 2013

I listened with interest today to On Point’s segment on this proposed bipartisan bill.  The segment was captioned “Toxic Chemicals:  A New Push to Get a Grip.”  Ken Cook of the Environmental Working Group was a featured guest (I mentioned his group’s opposition to the bill in my last post), On Point logo2as was NYT reporter John Broder (author of the article linked to my post).  Also on the program were Richard Denison of the Environmnental Defense Fund and Deborah Blum, journalism professor at the University of Wisconsin and Pulitzer Prize-winning science writer.  Blum’s recent article in Wired points to a popular culture of mistrust of all chemicals – even the good or not-so-bad ones – due to the growing understanding of how little TSCA regulates.

You might want to check out two other links at the On Point website:  Senator Lautenberg’s press release and the Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families list of top 100 hazardous chemicals of high concern.

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