Senator Frank Lautenberg, environmental public health advocate

Senator Lautenberg, who has figured so prominently in this blog for the past week, died this morning.  He was 89.  A five-term senator from New Jersey, he came to public service after a career in business, at the end of which he began donating to like-minded politicians.  Lautenberg concluded “if I’m willing to support them, why shouldn’t I support myself?”Frank Lautenberg

Lucky for us.  I’ve only known of Lautenberg’s work on rehabbing TSCA.  Today’s NYT illustrates his overall vision of public health advocacy:  tying federal highway funds to a higher, uniform 21-year-old drinking age and blood-alcohol level; banning smoking on commerical airlines, inside federal buildings, and any entity serving children that receives federal funds; and prohibiting people convicted of domestic violence from owning guns.  More here.

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