New EPA report on health impacts of chlorpyrifos

Environment Health News just published this article about this recent EPA study chlorpyrifosconcluding that chlorpyrifos, an insecticide used on corn and other U.S. crops, poses health risks to workers and can also contaminate drinking water. Chlorpyrifos is one of the most commonly applied organophosphate pesticides (used commercially on corn, soybeans, fruit and nut trees and some golf courses), even though it has been banned for more than a decade for household use.

In another issue, EHN highlights the “real American idols” in this year-end article, noting the impact on the field of environmental health of four scientists who died in 2014 .  I theo colburnencourage everyone to learn more about Theo Colborn, who is often mentioned in the same breath as Rachel Carson.  Her work with a group of researchers studying chemical impacts on IQ, vital organs, and reproduction led to the creation of the phrase “endocrine disruptors.”  As the tribute observed, “she didn’t live long enough to find  all the answers, but she asked all the right questions.”

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