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NarcoLaw is in the news again.  Click here to read the extensive piece on NarcoLaw just published in Seven Days, Vermont’s independent newspaper.  Coming soon: a new Judicial Watch post on Americans for Safe Access v. DEA.

EDITOR’S NOTE: George Selby is a second-year law student at Vermont Law School who favors the reform of U.S. drug policy. George was president of his college chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy, and is a member of the VLS Criminal Law Society.  His summary of the Washington and Colorado legalization initiatives is posted below. George’s […]

Hi folks — Thanks for sticking with us as we worked out our technical issues over the past week or two.  We are now back and better than ever, with a more readable format and better archiving.  Plus, you can now find us on Google!  We were not idle during our hiatus.  Click here to listen […]

Colorado and Washington voters were not the only ones to embrace legalization on Tuesday.  Lost in the avalanche of publicity about those two, obviously more significant, votes was one by some folks closer to home.  Burlington, Vermont, voters approved an advisory City Council referendum that had asked, “Shall the people of Burlington support the legalization, regulation, and taxation […]

This election was historic in a lot of ways, but the one that matters most to us here at NarcoLaw is this: Colorado and Washington legalized recreational use of marijuana by ballot initiative yesterday.  (Oregon voters rejected a similar measure).  And when I say legalize, I actually mean legalize — not depenalize, not decriminalize.  No baby steps for these […]

By Drew Bacharach To lead off our judicial watch segment, we have a recent decision from the 8th Circuit.   Canine sniff cases are all the rage for the Supreme Court this term, and the the 8th Circuit is following suit.  The issue  in United States v. Grant was whether the officer’s use of “declarative language” […]

With marijuana legalization initiatives on the ballots in three states on Nov. 6, we thought it would be timely to get a doctor’s opinion on cannabis in all its glory — its medical benefits, its down sides, and its proper place in the panoply of controlled substances.  For that, we turned to Dr. Benjamin Nordstrom,  the Director […]