Activism Around the City

Here is a visual diary of things going on around Copenhagen yesterday (12/15) outside COP15:

Klimaforum 09 Welcome Sign

See more pictures here:

Inside Klimaforum 09 - a more grassroots, open and casual atmosphere with a different type of intensity.

A Presentation by some delegates from Via Campesina - sobering, hopeful, and diverse - refreshing!

A demonstration where you can get on a stationary bike and pedal to light up a Christmas tree!

The Climate Christmas Tree - it's dark on the right - come on people, pedal!

I must pedal harder!!

The Copenhagen Ice Bear - at the beginning of last week, this was an ice sculpture of a polar bear - no one knew it had a skeleton inside until it started melting 🙁

Copenhagen Ice Bear from the front

1 ton of CO2 - the average American emits 24 of these a year - note how tiny the people are underneath - just think about this for a moment, and think about the U.S. population of 300million...

The Tesla Roadster – the fastest, coolest electric car in the world! It can go on average 245 miles on one charge.

A beautiful church with a beautiful message.