COP15 coming to a close…

As the negotiations are coming to a close, a select number of world leaders are struggling to come to an agreement.

Here is a smattering of recent press:

World leaders come together to continue meeting

The world’s leaders have come together once again to move the climate negotiations forward, after having gathered in smaller groups during the afternoon.  At the same time the UN conference continues in the form of large meetings.  Barack Obama, Wen Jiabao, Ban Ki-moon and Fredrik Reinfeldt were among the speakers in plenary during the afternoon.

Swedish PM Fredrik Reinfeldt from

Sweden’s Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt identified three main problems:

1. emissions reductions

2. financing

3. transparency

European and African leaders will discuss the issue of financing, and the COP15 Presidency has made sure that American emissions reduction targets will be included in a special appendix.  Barack Obama, who joined the meeting late in the morning, had emphasized the conditionality aspect, i.e. that the promises of financing build on the fact that the measures presented are measurable.

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