I wasn’t planning on blogging about the Thanksgiving Holiday portion of my stay in Cancun, but a couple things are worth mentioning.

Security: I expected to see some M16s. I did not expect a Destroyer visible from our hotel, Vietnam era helicopters and multiple Jeep Mounted M60s.  Security also affected our ability to dive.  Reef access was restricted for a decent portion of the national park near Cancun.

Advocacy on the Beach: Guests at our resort were primarily Americans (US). It is interesting is how many American tourists are enjoying Cancun without any sense of what this conference is about.  My partner Derrick gained some credibility with some couples from Minnesota by explaining the difference between the ozone layer and GHGs. Many of the folks we talked to were not aware that climate change is such a serious issue. They were also unaware of the lack of participation by the US.

Most important: Derrick and I are gettin’ hitched!

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