The “Uhn”

T-Rex as UN Soldier in Idiocracy


After COP 15, the level of frustration is so high many people are asking whether this process is worth the billions of dollars and energy going into it. The best overused quote of the conference so far: “A little less conversation, a little more action” – Elvis.  

Before traveling to COP 16, I watched the movie Idiocracy. This movie depicts a future world where the IQ of the human population has decreased dramatically. This future world, calls the U.N. the “Uhn” and describes how the Uhn un-nazied the world. While I find this movie hilarious, there are serious questions about how the FCCC part of the United Nations will be seen in the future.

For a couple interesting articles (from ECO, the daily gossip newsletter)  on how the UN may rethink their role and responsibilities with climate negotiations see

A dismantled train cannot carry us towards Climate Sustainability” by Uchita de Zoysa.

And “Forget Cancun: what we need are Unreasonable CEOs” by Geoff Lye.

On the other hand, others realize that there is no alternative to internationally legally binding commitments and are not surprised by the difficulty of the process. The fact that so many people are here, demonstrates some level of hope.

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