Prof. Burleson, Dan Mill_r & Prof. Garvey at Cancunmesse

Dan and I were e-introduced to Elizabeth Burleson from USD Law School by Betsy Baker. The three of us were able to meet in person at Cancunmesse and had an opportunity to exchange thoughts on the COP. Prof. Burleson was one of many observers who told us that in the specific negotiations she observed, delegates were working from different texts. In contrast to Rio, which was a signing ceremony, here the delegates are practically creating text from scratch in some cases.

Prof. Burleson is interested in technology transfer – here are some her thoughts from a post on the envlawprofessorsblog…

“It remains to be seen to what degree technology transfer commitments will emerge as confidence building measures. Finance and technology transfer have been split, leaving many concerned about the means by which innovation and diffusion of environmentally sound technology may come about. Little discussion of the TRIPS / UNFCCC nexus has occurred here or elsewhere. On the bright side, genuinely environmentally sound technology transfer remains an area where mitigation and adaptation can be advanced together.”