Bharrat Jagdeo – President of Guyana wants his money.

After committing a Guyanan forest the size of England, in exchange for a billion dollars from Norway, Jagdeo needs this $ to keep political will with his people. Norway delivered the money to the World Bank but it has yet to be delivered where needed. Jagdeo promised all indigenous people solar panels. He promised to accelerate the process of determining land tenure and promised the availability of grant funds to several communities. Jagdeo said, if this REDD+ project cannot work in Guayanaa where he does have the will to make this work, and with Norway as a generous partner, it will not work anywhere.

Students Protest REDD+ with REDD+ Herring

One thought on “Bharrat Jagdeo – President of Guyana wants his money.

  1. Guyana’s in South America of course, but I attended the Africa Development Bank side event last night, where all the panelists wanted to bring management of climate aid funding closer to home. One panelist said “physical distance brings emotional distance.” Another sharply criticized (for a moment) the United Nations system, saying that an aid dollar that goes into it gets ripped apart in so many ways that little gets to the intended recipient. It sounds like Pres. Jagdeo had a similar feeling about the Worldbank.

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