Symbolic, Solitary, Cancun Wind Turbine is Climate Change Mitigation

On the shuttle bus route from Cancunmesse (where the side events, NGO booths, and such are) to the site of the COP itself, Moon Palace (an ornate conference facility) there’s recently-erected wind turbine. I snapped this shot of it yesterday morning. It was built for functionality (1.5 megawatts) and as a symbol that inspires the delegates here. It was built by Acciona, a Spanish company. Mexico is a “developing country” under the UNFCCC, and thus eligible for climate aid, but this turbine was commissioned by Mexican Federal Electric. Wind farms are criticized in some areas as being unsightly, and indeed this is only one, not thirty, yet it looks very regal and nice there. It was turning real well in very light wind the day before but yesterday morning it was becalmed. We had a little wind last night, I’m sure it was spinning fine again.