The Time for Action is NOW!

Christiana Figueres’ Call to Action:

“The science is clear. The negative impacts are upon us and the opportunities have never been as compelling. So why are we not moving into the action at the speed and the scale that we have to be? My friends, the time is now. Now, let me say to all of us on the board, one way or another on the climate agenda, it is not a job.¬† For the human system, this cannot be a job. For the development banks, this cannot be a job. This has got to be our obsession. Every morning we have to get up, look at ourselves in the mirror and say “am I doing enough?” “Am I doing everything that I can?” “Am I working with all the stakeholders that I have to work with in order to move this forward?” Because my dear friends, we’re running out of time. The time for action is now. And you all represent a lot of the action that is taking¬† place in your countries. So my friends, no more wasting time. No more plans. No more pilot projects. We’ve got to move out of the pilot stage and we have to move in to true demonstrations… And you know what? We’ve got to do it in 12 months! … So my dear friends, let’s just do it! Thank you.”