A new climate change narrative

To provide perspective on the quotidien of the climate change debate regularly chronicled in this blog, watch this Ted Talk by Naomi Klein, read her latest book, This Changes Everything, and consider these recent quotes:

“There are no non-radical options left …  If we stay on the road we are on, then our leading scientists as well as some of our most conservative institutions like The World Bank, the International Energy Agency, PriceWaterhouseCooper tell us that we are headed directly towards four to six degrees Celsius of warming from pre-industrial levels – and at that level, all bets are off … “

Naomi Klein“The idea was there was only one way to run the world – free markets, free trade, privatisation, deregulation, low taxes, investor rights, the cult of consumerism, the cheapest possible everything. But tackling climate change demands the reverse – collective solutions, more regulation, restrained consumption, carbon taxes, and so on.”

“Climate change detonates the ideological scaffolding on which contemporary conservatism rests. A belief system that vilifies collective action and declares war on all corporate regulation simply cannot be reconciled with a problem that demands collective action on an unprecedented scale and a dramatic reining in of the market forces that are largely responsible for creating and deepening the crisis.”

“Over 400,000 people came together to march for climate in New York under a banner of ‘Change everything – we need everyone’. Only a broad-based movement can take on the fossil fuel lobby and win. Our problem is that we have been treating this as a carbon problem when the truth is, it’s a capitalism problem.”

“I wrote my book on the premise that what we are doing is failing – and a broad, justice-based agenda represents our best way of winning. A good chance? I don’t know. But we have a chance. What matters to me is that there is any kind of chance, however slight.”