Climate diplomacy

thediplomat_2015-01-28_13-37-24-386x253Scott Moore, a fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, published a thoughtful op-ed on current U.S. climate diplomacy in yesterday’s Diplomat.  On the heels of the recent mission to India, and last November’s US-China bilateral announcement on GHG emission reductions, he asserts that “[b]y reclaiming the leadership role that it effectively surrendered by refusing to ratify the Kyoto Protocol some fifteen years ago, the United States has a rare opportunity to simultaneously cement its relationships with emerging powers, address a critical threat to stability in fragile states, and position itself at the center of the low-carbon economy that can and will power prosperity for the rest of the twenty-first century.” Read more about his suggested “three basic pillars” of a U.S. climate diplomacy.

This piece also briefly points out that “[t]he U.S. should also coordinate this activity with its European allies, many of which have significant experience in climate diplomacy.”  Exhibit A:  This “diplomatic offensive” approved by the EU last week to send “90,000 diplomats in over 3,000 missions lobbying to win new pledges on carbon cuts from countries ahead of a crunch UN climate summit in Paris this December.”