Everything you’ve always wanted to know about the Paris Agreement

. . . and then some!

IMG_8030The VLS COP21 Observer Delegation is delighted to share with you two on-line tools we’ve created to explain what the Paris Agreement is (and isn’t) and how the new climate change agreement came to be.

The first is Documenting COP21. This website linked to our VLS COP blog explains the key provisions of the Paris Agreement and analyzes some of the strategic decisions made during the negotiations to get all 196 UNFCCC parties to adopt it in December, 2015.

But do you want to know more of the nitty gritty, like how and when the issue of Loss and Damage became a separate article from the adaptation article?  Why the finance provision doesn’t include precision climate finance targets? Where market mechanisms, like carbon trading schemes, and forestry initiatives fit into the Agreement’s mitigation provisions?

Source: Takepart

Source: Takepart

Then our second tool, Paris Agreement, Past & Future, is for you.  This website walks the reader through the key language changes that took place during the two weeks of intense negotiations at COP21.  We observed them firsthand, and analyzed each draft of the Paris Agreement from the opening session on November 30 until COP21 President Laurent Fabius gaveled the final agreement into being.


Based on this experience, in addition to looking backward at how the Agreement changed, we also look ahead and predict the provisions that will undergo more intensive negotiation.  Interpretation of these articles already started at SB44 in Bonn in May, 2016.  It will continue in Marrakech at COP22 in November – and beyond, as Parties work toward the Paris Agreement’s entry into force when 55 countries comprising 55% of global GHG emissions deposit their instruments of ratification with the UN.

We hope this resource proves useful to you.  Please let us know what you think.