Young and Future Generations Day at COP22

Away from the negotiation sessions, contact groups, informal discussions and other exciting diplomacy exercises, COP22 devoted its fourth day to young and future generations. This focus explored the intergenerational equity dimension of climate justice. The principle of intergenerational equity is concerned primarily with the distribution of “public goods” and “public bads,” as expressed by John Rawls’ definition of justice between present and future generations. It mainly rests yse_yfgdon the belief that future generations are entitled to a future that is not diminished by our the current pattern of living, such as high energy consumption and over depletion of natural resources.

Young and future generations deserve to be heard and should have the chance to influence the climate negotiation. They are the ones that will inherit this planet. Climate change is threatening their inheritance and right to development. A series of side events, workshops and activities presented today showcases the important role that young people already play in climate actions implementation worldwide.