Full Bella Center Creates New Opportunities for Interaction

The recent crackdown in NGO participation has, as you may have seen from previous posts, left several from the VLS contingent “eventless” for the past few days.  As a result, events like Bright Green, KlimaForum and the International Energy Agency’s Policy and Technology Day have become increasingly attractive not only for those of us interested in the a legal perspective but for the general accredited-yet-Conference-less population.

As a result, I decided to make my way toward downtown Copenhagen this morning to Continue reading

Renewable Energy Advocates Get Upclose Look at Middelgrunden Windfarm.

Denmark has been a leader in renewable and clean energy for over 40 years.  While some policies were perhaps misguided, like banning car use on Sundays in the 1970’s, slow but steady expansion of the country’s renewable energy portfolio has allowed the country to maintain its emission levels while boasting of continuing healthy economic expansion.  One of the best examples of the country’s advances in renewables technology is the Middelgrunden windfarm located just offshore in Copenhagen’s harbor.  Built in 2000, it currently has twenty 2 MW turbines that generate a total of 40 MW of power (about 3% of Denmark’s total requirements).   [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0Qi5xBA-ow] Continue reading

Going Mobile in the Conference

So I’m experimenting with posting pics and videos on-the-fly.  If this continues to work, I’ll be bringing near-instant updates from relevant side events and happenings around the city.

If you have something you’d like covered or want more detail on please leave it in the comments and we’ll try to accommodate!

Check it out…

Dramatic November Leaves Hope for Significant U.S. Contribution at COP15

Reading a recent article highlighting Sen. James Inhofe’s now-international obstructionism on efforts to stem climate change, I was struck by how eventful and dramatic the last few months have been for folks who have been paying attention and are holding their breath for actual progress at the Copenhagen Conference of Parties.

Beginning back in mid-November many of us were shocked when national news outlets casually threw out the dour headline “So much for Hopenhagen,” effectively calling off the push for a binding international agreement while at the conference. Continue reading

My take on it…

The Copenhagen Conference is the beginning of the next generation of discussion and action on nearly every energy production and transmission issue. From renewables and smart grids to efficiency and electricity storage, forming a comprehensive vision for how we will sustainably power our world will begin here.