On Science and Climate, Let Us Not Be “the Stupid Generation” says Guyana

Dan here. We’re observing the main COP meeting. Us observers sit in the back here behind the plenary’s parties at their tables, but we can see the various presidents and prime ministers and other ministers clearly across the vast Ceiba room. Pres. Rafael Correa of Ecuador spoke about accountability 20 minutes ago, but I was struck by the forceful phrase of Pres. Bharrat Jagdeo of Guyana a few moments ago. Jagdeo urged our global community of 2010 to avoid being “the stupid generation.” Let us not be the generation that ignores science’s projection on climate change damage. He pointed to the work of the IPCC, and said we must heed that, and a recent UNEP report saying that the Copenhagen Accord’s goals were not on schedule to be reached. He said we must reassert “science as the driver.” It was jarring to hear it phrased that way, but it is fair comment I think for Pres. Jagdeo to urge the world in our time not to be “the stupid generation.” I have been looking at the side event hall at Cancunmesse for climate skeptics, as I’ve heard are sometimes sent by the fossil fuels industry and others, but I haven’t seen any.

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After COP 15, the level of frustration is so high many people are asking whether this process is worth the billions of dollars and energy going into it. The best overused quote of the conference so far: “A little less conversation, a little more action” – Elvis.   Continue reading