Going Mobile in the Conference

So I’m experimenting with posting pics and videos on-the-fly.  If this continues to work, I’ll be bringing near-instant updates from relevant side events and happenings around the city.

If you have something you’d like covered or want more detail on please leave it in the comments and we’ll try to accommodate!

Check it out…

Initial Impressions

The Bella Center, where the conference is being held, is enormous and full of things to see.  There are green plant displays, internet stations, pamphlets on all aspects of climate-related issues, cafes, and more.  The variety of people from all over the world is exciting.  Standing in the “observers” line to get our registration badges we heard a variety of languages including English, Danish, Hindi, French, and Chinese.  For us, coming from Vermont, the weather seems relatively mild–low 40’s and damp.  For an Australian woman standing in line behind us, it was unbelievably cold (which she described using a more colorful vocabulary).  Tomorrow the real events begin–more to come then!!