Australia wins the Fossil of the Day… again!

FossilSince COP 20 started 9 days ago, Australia has already won 3 of the 7 daily Climate Action Network (CAN) Fossil of the Day awards.  Last Thursday, Australia won the award for declaring that loss and damage should be an element of adaptation in the 2015 agreement. On Friday, the award was once again given to Australia due to its announcement that the country would not contribute to the Green Climate Fund (GCF). Yesterday, Australia was awarded for its silly statements, like the lack of understanding of what “global solidarity” means. But the interesting fact is that the award was given less than twenty minutes after the Australian Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, affirmed at the Ministerial Dialogue on Climate Finance that Australia will, in fact, provide 200 million Australian dollars to the GCF in the course of four years. But shouldn’t the 200 million change of mind be enough to save Australia from its third  Fossil of the Day? CAN still does not think so